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Even I've the similar case... Although i've my CAT admit card and also the prinout of the result from the internet.

Can someone plz help us on this?

@mysteryreloaded and @agrawalansh try contacting CAT office as well. May be they can help to issue duplicate one.

Jaane Pehchane se cubicle khali najar aate hain
Sabhi dost onsite ya nayi company mein najar aate hain

Mil baith ke coffee piya karte the kabhi
Sahara deta hain bus yeh mobile phone abhi

Kabhi movie, kabhi natak dekh liya karte the,
Saath mein hum log kaafi mauj kiya karte the

Weeknd pe kaafi baar hua karti thi trekking
Ab saath mein kar pate hain sirf chatting

Jhagada aur jhol to bahoot kiya karte the sabhi
par dor nahi tooti nayab dosti ki kabhi

Aisa nahin hain ki aaj bhi bilkul nahin mil pate hain
Har roj koi na koi sapane mein dastak de jaate hain

Aur kitne utar chadhave dikhayegi yeh jindagi
Itna jyada to main jindagi mein kabhi hara bhi nahi

Bhagwan aur manager abhi bhi discuss hi kar rahe hain
Aur hum to abhi bhi offshore se hi support kar rahe hain

Aayega voh bhi din jub hum mil baithege sabke saath
Hoga doston, London aur New York ke logo ka saath

Ummid to aaj bhi hain ki hum bhi milege unhe vidhesh mein
Vahi dekhege movie, play aur wax museum aish mein


Today I attended the OCC meet for the second time. For those who dont know anything abt OCC please read on -

The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow. Read the blog post that started the ball rolling.
This is the online complement to that offline network. Meet people, find out what's going on nearby you and then go and take part.
Check the OCC page : OpenCoffee Club - Place for people who love startups to hang out and meet

  1. OpenCoffee Club (Worldwide): You might be interested in joining the website for the worldwide opencoffee movement. This website is also based on Ning, so you can access it with the same login that you use for the Chennai OpenCoffee Club
  2. Chennai OpenCoffee Club: If you are in Chennai dont miss this meet. Join the mailing list for the updates.
  3. Bangalore OpenCoffee Club: If you are in Bangalore anytime, you might want to check if there is an OpenCoffee Club meeting going on. Join the mailing list to be informed of meetups.
  4. Pune OpenCoffee Club: Pune OCC. Again based on Ning, so you can use the same login as Chennai OCC to access this site.
  5. Hyderabad Open CoffeeClub: The Hyderabad OCC site is also based on Ning.
  6. Delhi OpenCoffee Club: Delhi OCC. Based on Ning, so you can reuse your Chennai OCC login here
  7. Noida OpenCoffee Club: This is the mailing list for the Noida OCC. You can find out when the next meetup is happening here
  8. Kolkata OpenCoffee Club: Mailing list for the Kolkata OCC

Take Care

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All geared up for Liverpool vs Chelsea match tomorrow...
Hope it will be as thrilling as big matches in past

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I take this opportunity to Thank You Great Lakes Admission committee and speciall all the students who have solved the queries by burning midnight oil just to smoothen the process and for the convenience of the applicants.

Kudos to U all...

Anyway champions always Rock !!! and we just proved it again

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Nice Thread... it just reminded me of the prank played by Google on 1st of April '08
Google added a new add on with the name Google's Wake up Kit. Details given by Google for that are as follows :

Google Calender has incorporated a new feature called 'Wake-up Kit'. This feature is designed especially for those who have no respect or regard towards the hardworking alarm clocks. First a SMS message will be sent to your phone. If that doesn't work, Google has more coercive and inhumane ways of waking you up. We have termed this innovation, 'Wraith of the Alarm Clock'.
And yes they succeded in convincing people that something like this do exist... hehe :idea:

Btw I do totally rely on my roomies now a days for getting up as i m back to coll life :)
While job i relied on my mobile
and b4 that during again my roomies.
Before that during school times... i really hadnt worried about that... My parents somehow manaed it :bigear:

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Happy B'day Anupam...
Wo where is the party ???

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Awesome meet again

Well, for a change i reached late today :sly: Had some important work

Almost everyone was already there.

We started off with general gup-shup. And then started the real fun - the introduction session.
PS1: Anvesh is the confused chosen one . Let us start that thread ;)

PS2: KOW mata ki jai

Guys seems that I have missed the Pune meet... and due to telecon with my guide for empirical study have skipped the Chennai meet as well... guys this MBA is making me do so many sacrifices all at once :banghead:...

Nice to know that u all rocked... again...:clap:(that also without me :))
Hye deep where are u heading to (sorry as I may hve missed some of ur announcements !!!... I know abt Pankhuri... she has cracked the big time biggie institute...)
Forgot to ask... where are the snaps dear...
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swagatsinha Says
Shouldn't this be in the PG meets section?

This is not a PG meet...
This meet is arranged y indiblogger... I m inviting all Puys to join this...
And hence i started a new thread.
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Dear All,
As you must be aware IndiBlogger and Microsoft are arranging the Blogger meet in Chennai.
Its the first time where bloggers from down south will be able to meet, interact, chat, talk, and best of all, blog about it the next day! So for those of you who've been waiting for it, nows your chance to sign up. The date fixed is Sunday, June 8th 2008, so please keep yourselves free and drag along anyone else who's interested in coming!! See you there!
You may call the IndiBlogger team.

Complete details are at the following link :
Chennai blogger meet on 08/06/2008 at 16:00 in Chennai
Hotel Dee Cee Manor
No.90, GN Chetty Road
T Nagar, Chennai - 600 017

As most of Puys are bloggers as well... lets rock this meet as well...

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