people interested to get books for term1 & term2 can also pm me..
congrats to all the selected folks. good to see lot of interaction happening.
Gear up to complete lot of documentation
sumit3487 Says
Can any one please share some sample previous test papers?

go through basic quants, rc and DI. Shouldn't be difficult if you are preparing/have prepared earlier for CAT/GMAT etc
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There is no specific can choose the one which best describes you and your achievements.
You should have 3 years by October i.e at the time of joining (thats how i believ it was all the batches till now)
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guys got a call that we need to send also the affidavit in 100rs stamp paper now..
very strange,as we had been asked to produce this while reporting at campus..anybody else got the call??
guys did anybody check if icici bank account is activated.

Also did anyone deposit some money in th enew account??
Hi all,
Anyone started with loan and other doc??
godspeed87 Says
went to the bank yesterday to open an account. they told it will take max seven days to open an salary account. Anyone who got the similar response?

went today..was told 3 days..
sshekhar18 Says
Just got a acknowledgement of reciept frmo Prof Mathur ..

Hi Shekhar, did you online transfer
the funds??

What confirmation did he share,as I have done it online.
Hi guys..curious to know any married folks who got selected !!
I'm married by the way!!