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guys plz help
do i need to make DD from Punjab national Bank or from any bank ....

the only convert
will join...

noddy1302 Says
now w/l 6 (OBC) .. pata ni kya hoga

mine w/l 8(OBC)
when is third list expected to come
nithin81 Says
What is the intake this year?is it the same as last year or increased?

ny idea ,about the 3rd list
Hi Puys, I need help with this particular ArunSharma problem.

A dishonest grocer professes to sell pure butter at cost price, but he mixes it with adulterated fat and thereby gains 25%.Find the percentage of adulterated fat in the mixture assuming that adulterated fat is freely available.

jst think 100Rs for 1 kg is the CP(100/kg)
now you want 125 Rs => 1.25 kg (100/kg)
=> 1kg already for pure butter
=> .25 kg for adulterated fat
=> .25/1.25 => 20%

Puys...m confused.
gt 91% in CAT2011(NC-OBC)
Sec1:98% sec-2 49%
17 month wrk-ex
converted IIT R..
shall i join or give another effort..

Happy B'day....Sirji...

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Q1. The greatest no. which will divide 4003,4126 and 4249:
  1. 43
  2. 41
  3. 45
  4. None of these

is it none of these???

4003 not divisible by neither 45 nor 43.
4003 is also not divisible 41.

mine also ...none of these
i think the answer is wrong....

it should be 49...


so 2401/2400=1

98/4=2 remainder ... hence remainder should be 49

i think it sud be 99/4 -> 3 remainder
=> 343 sud be the answer
This question is from # system. Question number 12 LOD 2

denotes the greatest integer value just below x and {x} its fractional value. The sum of ^3 and {x}^2 is -7.91. Find x.

Though the book says -1.7 , the justification is not very clear can some one please help me understand, How?

as far as is concerned is fine greatest integer value below -1.7 is -2 and ^3 is -8 but how come {x}^2 is equal to .09 cause 0.7^2=0.49

Please explain

fractional part of a number cannot be negative..
so in case of -1.7 = -1+ -1+ 1+ .7= -2 + .3
-2^3 =-8 .3^2= .09
=> -8+.09 =-7.91.....