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akiii Says
naah..still waiting for the admit card..

well that was a ploy by IMS so that people register early by letting people know that registration will get over by 21st and admit cards would b sent by 22nd,actually registration is still going on so we will get the ADMIT cards only by tomorrow evening
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addrija Says
Puys, i was solving the TIME Quants material that was provided & i have 1 thing to ask u all.....dont u guys its unnecessarily long??? i mean is'nt quartile deviation,mode.median/an entire chap on number system (decimal,hexa,octal,binary addition substraction et all....NOT number theory) not needed??? They have'nt made an appearance in the last 15yrs or so....similarly separate chapters on SPECIAL EQUATIONS, SIMPLE EQUATIONS, QUADRITIC EQUATIONS......don't u guys think that CL's material is much much more compact??? what say???

true i agree with ur point CL has just 7 small books for quant and they have completed the entire quant basics in those 7 books,rather than concentrating on individual topics
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There might have been certain confusion to CL people while they told you the fee. There fee is also in the same range as that of TIME.

However, suggest to join CL if you are taking CAT for the first time :thumbsup: But, do crosscheck the fee thing with them.

All the best!

why u say so that if one is taking CAT for the first time then he or she should join CL.Can u please elaborate on that?
kritix Says
You would have got a better preparation experience at IMS compared to TIME. Their study material is much more easier and understandable and all your queries have a solution. But anyways all the best with your preparations.

U need to open any TIME book vs IMS book. TIME beats ims by big margins.all the questions in any TIME book is completely solved in a lucid manner, on the other hand IMS books r not even completely solved.Take any ims quant book. No solutions have been provided to its so called concept builders,so if u get stuck u need to go back to u professors which becomes difficult for working candiates like me.
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navinseth Says
Ohk...what do you suggest ..which one is good......should i go for trishna or correspondence material

obviously correspondence material because there r more books in the correspondence material so it will aid u in ur preparation and also SOME TRISHNA BOOKS do not have solutions but in their correspondence material all books r fully solved
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I am a CAT 2012 aspirant.....I am little confused about what books to choose to start my studies....I dont want to join any coaching for the time being.....

Can some one please tell me is TIME cat material same as there published books called TRISHNA....

What is the difference between there correspondence course material and regular course books...only need to know about books...

Please help me out really confused!!!!!!!

their TRISHNA book is different from their TIME cat material also their correspondence course book material is diiferent from thier regular course books only the first set is common because it is the concept book set
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rachitkasera Says
What other options I have other than that? I will pay a visit to the center in Dadar ( I don't mind traveling to Dadar).

there is cplc class at juhu which is a gud class and also u will not have a big crowd in there like the three famous classes u mentioned.
I dont know if u r keen on joining only classroom course because if u think u can make it via notes only then i will suggest TESTFUNDA pick there notes and study on ur own if u have any doubts in the notes they have online ask a doubt facility.
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rachitkasera Says
I stay in four bunglows. Do not want Time/CL/IMS kind of thing..batch size gets bigger and bigger as year progresses.

now since u dont want the above classes u can join patrick sir's classes but for that u will have to travel to dadar
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I am a working professional and looking to give CAT 2012. Can anyone please suggest good coaching institutes to join in Mumbai. I prefer a weekend batch size of 10-15.

Thanks in advance

hi rachit let me know where in mumbai u stay that is very imp for me to advice u which class u should b joining
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hey puys plz help me out wit this one..easy question still very confusing n any explanations r welcome!

If 'white' means 'black', 'black' means 'red', 'red' means 'blue', 'blue' means 'yellow' and 'yellow' means 'grey', then which of the following represents the color of sky? (CET 2007)

(1) blue
(2) red
(3) yellow
(4) cannot be determined
(5) None of these

ans - yellow Explanation- colour of sky is blue but here blue means yellow therefore colour of sky is yellow.