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Congrats Lokender and Daman

chaditya Says
What is migration certificate ?? Is it TC (Transfer Certificate) because our university didn't give us migration certificate, they gave us TC ?? and character certificate means Conduct certificate right ??

Hi Chaditya,

Yes Migration certificate is equivalent to TC. and Character cert is Conduct cert.
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can u please list the certificates required at the time of admission....


the documents required are:

Certificates- 10th, 12th, degree
Work ex if any
Medical certificate,
Blood group certificate
Migration certificate
character certificate
Four recent pass-port size and four stamp size colour photographs

@Angshuman 1987- Thanks, All the best to you

@Lokender- The contents of the email give the account details and also the list of certificates required and laptop configuration. Now Along with you work,education details- you will need medical certificate and blood group certificate.
Joining date is 16th June and they want you to report by 15th june evening.

I am finding it a little difficult as my medical certificate is not yet done. Have mailed asking for grace period. No reply as yet.

P.s: I am a girl

congrats mbamad:

hope so ki main bhi tujhse ximb main milun.....@10 now.

Thanks Calcu, I hope you convert too!!!.dont lose hope..
hey man congrats... at what time you received the mail...
I havent received the confirmation mail yet.

hi daman, I received it in the morning. I think you will receive by this evening. Stay close to your phone because they call to give you the good news. All the best.

P.s: I am a girl


I have converted, got a mail today finally!!! .
Thank you everyone for all the words of encouragement...

Waitlist movement- 91-15-convert

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If a waitlisted candidate does not convert until the closure of admission then his 70k will be given back without any deductions right?

Or irresp of waitlisted or confirmed if you want the entire 70k we have to withdraw before june 16?

Seniors/fellow puys do answer this query.

Just call up the admissions office, they will be the best people to answer your queries.

Daman, congrats!!! we should get the good news soon from the admin team..


Can any anyone give feedback on below-

i have got a call for PGDM(HRM) course

Works Ex-6 years in operations Working in top MNC
Current salary- 8 lacs

What are the prospects of HRM course with my kind of experiance...


Hi Rakesh,

If its part of financial ops, then HRM course wouldnt really be an add on. But if you are working in HR operations. The HRM MBA degree would actually be an add on esp in terms of knowledge and also give you more opportunities/profiles work wise.
However if its HR that you are interested in then the HRM course should be a good choice.

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