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Hey Puys

I just received a mail from the nanyang adcom stating I have been selected for an interview. The mail talks about a pre interview questionnaire that I have to fill by 17th April, but an interview date is not mentioned. Do we receive an interview date after we submit the questionnaire or the deadline date for questionnaire submission is my interview date itself?

Congrats. When did you apply ? What this questionnaire is about ?
dreambig100 Says
here again ...r2 applicant to NTU i submitted my application by feb though... my application has been "under review" eva since i applied... ... if GMAT was a test of endurance wat do we term this "application process" as?? "the ultimate test of endurance??? "

Me too sailing in the same damm R2 applicants Titanic (boat) :banghead:

With so many Indians reporting reject I think the Indian applicant pool is quite competitive this year.

Can anybody give me some idea as to how the NTU declares result. I mean to ask does they declare it in batches or do they declare the results of all the applicants in a round on a single day?

One more question which I have asked earlier as well: Is the placement scenario not good at NTU. Do people struggle to find decent jobs months after completion of their MBA from NTU?

And the most important question for R2 junta. Has anyone received any communication regarding R2 interviews?

This is the reply I got from NUS :

We review waitlisted candidates periodically and some candidates may be informed about the outcome much later in June.

As of now, the status of your application remains as waitlisted.

We will inform you as soon as we have the results.


Did any of the R2 guys get to hear anything from the admission team ?

Did anyone of the wailtlisted guys checked with the admission team about the status of their application?

greatone931 Says
I have an interview day-after tomorrow, what would be an ideal webcam. I am not too happy with my current webcam (Philips F-2.6). Would the webcam matter as much?

Congrats what's your profile & when u applied ?
Best of luck for interview

I have heard that placement scenario is not very encouraging at NBS especially if you wish to make a career switch. Can anybody throw some light..

Waitlisted Gang any update ?