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HR & IT are two different specializations . HR is basically dealing with the human resources of the company which basically refers to employees. Work might range from recruitment, compensation issues, policies etc etc .. all with one of the main objectives to give company the best talent and to retain that talent for the benefit of the company.

More details you can read across net and various books on same specialization... if in doubt, feel free to revert


well there were also advices like hr is a good option (for girls... so)... also didn't want to loose a yr... what are the advantages of having work-ex before mba (other then the job factor, i mean)? n would it better to do MCA, gain like 2 yrs work-ex and then go on to do mba-it (probably part-time)?

i had wanted to take IT spec (coz of my background in comp. sc), but since there was no IT spec option, i did take admission with HR spec option... but am now skeptical about it... so will someone plz tell me more about hr spec, will this mean going into a totally different field?

hi all, i have a Q, i am a student of a relatively unknown b-school in a small city... i want to take up hr(major) & marketing(minor)... can i expect a decent job after two years? coz i am feeling a bit apprehensive about my decision now... plz give me ur opinions...

Well I will suggest you not to go by any rankings,most of the rankings are inflated.PG rankings are the best,simply because of their preparatory method,after that you can follow d CL rankings they are quiet reliable.:)
Acharya Institute of Management is not that good,try finding better options.

but both pg and cl include very few colleges... other than iims and iits very few others are included... how are the TIME rankings?
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the procedures are specific to colleges. usually they deduct 1000rs and refund everything if you apply for refund before the commencement of the course.
after the commencement of course.. it all depends on their management rules.

thanks, and can you specify a particular website from where i can get the exact information.

@all how's acharya institute of management sciencem bangalore, acharya institute, bangalore? please help...
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yes SIBM is very good ..but for other colleges find out more

bro one request...dont go by any magazine rankings...find out more details..on basis of what you want..

and of course there is this list of elite colleges followed by lesser elite..and so on...but where would you get the perfect list and the right list...

but my advice would be just dont go by any review...

find out from the seniors there...if you want the placement figures ..check their mandatory disclosure..

my advice would be look at b -school rankings of various coaching institutions...then talk to seniors..check on the net...check their site for figures and other stuff..dedicate some time ..for all this..dont just rush in 2 or 3 days and come to a conclusion..all the best :cheerio:

hi, would you suggest some reliable coaching institutes to check rankings??

how's acharya institute of management & science, bangalore ??
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would someone please tell about the aicte norm for withdrawing admission from an aicte affiliated institution... how much of the fees is given back? please reply soon...

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abhi040386 Says
which one are you talking about, there are many of them, it would be better if you mention the name of the place as well

the one i mentioned is in bangalore... (i didn't know that there are so many)...
anyway i had called them up,they said that admissions through MAT are over, but they will be conducting admissions through PGCET but which are not open for non-Karnataka students...
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4 MAT Its-
jims rohini

actually both CAT & MAT... & in these colleges, fees are like 7+... can u suggest some which are at least 5-6...

and also suggest some good colleges in Bangalore.
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hi, please give a list of good b schools in bangalore and delhi-ncr (i.e other than amity, iilm, niilm)

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