I had a late night yesterday and dozed off after that. Woke up at 6am to find the campus allocation email in my inbox. Got Hyderabad (that's what I had indicated on my application a year back).

There has been so much activity on this thread over the last couple of days. And I must say what I am about to say -

Congrats to each one of you, who made it to ISB. It is one of the best brand names in India and you have a life changing one year waiting for you at Hyderabad/Mohali :)

Those who did not make it, I have chatted with a couple of you over PMs and you guys have big dreams! Wonderful to have known you. Please do not lose heart. I had 5 rejects from schools last year which was a tough situation to deal with. But over this one year, I have thought through my career goals in so much detail that it makes me feel better prepared for an MBA. Whatever happens, happens for the best. You definitely have something good waiting for you - be it other B-schools this year, or ISB next year. Keep working on your plans to reach out to your dreams!

Waitlisted puys, please do not bite your nails in anticipation. Chill out for the next 15 days and come back with positive hope the day after. Something good will be in store :)

As for me, I am 99% inclined towards Wharton as of now. But ISB is still in the race. Not keeping much hope from the IIMs. Hopefully, I will make a decision that's best for me in the next couple of weeks.

ISB is close to my heart (for reasons best left untold here). Even if it isn't ISB PGP, I look forward to visiting the school on a GCP project or an exchange programme from Wharton. Hopefully, I meet some of you soon :)

I may not be regular to this thread. Do leave me a PM if there is anything at all that I may help you with.

If the end is not happy, then perhaps, it is not the end at all. Cheers!
@vindz said:
How does ISB rate when compared to IIM Bangalore ?
IIM-B is a stronger brand name in the Indian industry and in Asia, as per an ISB alum who is working here in SG now.
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@krsrevol said:
A presumptuous question... I don't know why am I asking it at this time, may be to increase my anxiety! Does ISB allow us to deffer the admission till next year???
You got to have a solid reason to be allowed a deferral.
@crackster said:
@leotheking , I like your signature
I second that! Kai Po Che inspired.?
@goldhunter80 said:
@MBA-2012 How does the placement scene look?
@Rajat_S said:
And what were their views on the placement scenario? (Considering the present economic outlook, new campus & more students).

Not too positive. Close to 50% increase in batch size, but companies are not taking in more people. So...
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@crackster said:
@MBA-2012 , Did you get to know the latest placement updates..

Yeah, I have updates. Not official figures or facts. But the placement scene this year at ISB in general, as viewed by certain current students
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@JoshMachines said:
Mr. @MBA-Husband aapko @MBA-2012 ke profile mein bahut interest a raha hai. Chakkar kya hai miyan Trolling-Trolling
Oh really? How come I missed it.! You have an eye for details, haan!
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@MBA-Husband said:
I gather you have an admission to the 2014 class from last year... Did you get a chance to visit the ISB campus yet? Have you sat in on a class?
No, I have not. Should have, but couldn't manage to. Though I get live updates from campus every other day
@rahulmarwah said:
@delatpg ,@MBA-2012 , @sudhir3127 : Its not ethical ( just kidding ). It violates the independence policy of many organizations.. Lol.
Be on our side
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@sudhir3127 said:
Iam joining ISB but will definitely want to be a part of the contributing team

Looks like I got to start pitching my "B"-plan now. Thanks to you and @delatpg