• Mayur Bhosekar
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Hi Puys,

This is Mayur , an oldie at Pagalguy and also CAT2012 aspirant. I have developed a prototype application (RC Reader) which I feel will be helpful for RC preparation.

Save the on your machine and after extract the zip . You will find RCReader.jar, then double click on RCReader.jar to launch the application.

Note: You need to have java installed on your machine to use it.

Guidelines to use it
1. Copy the text you want to read and paste (i.e ctrl c+ ctrl v) in the text area of the RC reader.
2. As soon as the text is entered, the word count field shows the number of words contained in the text.
3. Then you can start reading the text after clicking the start button and once you are done reading the passage you need to click the stop button.
4. As soon as you click the stop button, your reading speed in words per minute is displayed in the Reading speed field.
5. Currently you can import the "txt" files to read using the Import File option.

I have also added screen shots of the application for your reference.

Please let me know your suggestions and features that you think will be helpful for everyone in their preparation for RC. Kindly, send me your response at