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Hi Berty... I am working in Oracle fin services in Mumbai, got the selection mail today itself...
R u joining tapmi...?

Hi... I am Mayank.. currently working in Mumbai.. I got my selection mail today...

Thanks to all u guys for providing very useful information regarding the loans here...

Do anybody have the idea about the placement 2009 at TAPMI?

Please do reply...

Guys me too IN ... Finally
But my status at the site hasnt been updated yet :(

I got selected... checked the mail today morning

i am in wait list as of now... so will just wait and see if i clear this...

I am in waiting list too

congrats swains... so planning to take admission?

not all have been placed in waiting list... there are people whose status says "not selected"

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I am in agreement to this. Firing Vivek will result in the company losing a good, responsible, hard working and experienced resource. It would be better for the company if by giving, higher roles, increase in package or awards, recognizing Vivek's work, the supervisor is successful in retaining Vivek in the organization making sure that the experience and potential in Vivek can be used to benefit him and organization together.

Thanks a lot sinritesh for sharing your experience:

I would have said the following points for the two questions in GD:

a) As rajender is a hardworking person and as his MD i would definitely be aware of this fact. I will try to find out how serious and interested rajender is in shifting to his native. If I feel that it is favourable for the company to make stay Rajender here itself, I would tell him that the current place will offer more oppurtunities for him in the long run which would be better for his career. If necessary i would offer him higher role, responsibilites, better pay package and promotion to deter him from shifting.

b) Even if Rajender stresses to shift to his native place I would explore the possibilities of shifting him to his native place. As the plant at his native is going to be a new one it would not be a problem to shift Rajender because anyways recruitment needs to be done for the same, the only thing necessary is to find a good replacement of Rajender. Also, if the person is determined to go back to his native then it is better to shift him and deter him from switching to some other company. This will also make sure to some extent that Rajender will be working for the same company for a long duration as he would not want to leave the job to get placed outside his native, keeping his options limited. So if he can be shifted the company will not lose a good resource and will also make sure he stays for long.

My Scores: DI: 46 , QA: 17, PS: 19 . Did some very silly mistakes in QA
Overall is 82. What percentile can i expect in this score?

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