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Coverted IIFT-K!!!!Will surely Join!
Was not in the waitlist!
overall score-54.38

@prince :Add me in FB IIFT Batch!already PMed you my details..


10th marks :77.4
12th marks :80
Graduation marks/Stream/College : 7.83
IIFT marks :49
Work ex :40 mnths
Extra curricular :average

Interview Centre:-Delhi

Essay topic:-A social legislation shall be followed by strong enforcement

Comments about your performance : bad

GD topic and a description:- Should recruiters prefer non-MBA Graduates over MBA Graduates?

1-2 times better than averageno fish marketrepetitive points were given by people

Personal Interview:-
P1: 45+ age group strict looking lady

P2: 45+ age group cheerful and friendly

P3:30-35 age lady (very little role but stuck me hard)

P1: Asked about my job responsibilities?

Me: Explained thoroughly!!

P1: after MBA what kind of job profile you are looking for!

Me: explained thoroughly (Why MBA)

P1: cross questioning about my goal, concepts of mergers,acquisitions,JVs(based on my answer of why MBA)

Me:-fumbled...:-( (P1 left)

P2:About power sector problems & reforms taken by govt to improve conditions in India? (related to my job experience in the power sector)

Me :- Nailed it!!! (4-5 min discussion)

P3: About coaching !!Is it necessary?? (mentioned in My CV in one of a answer)

Me: Gave some gyaan!!Not able to defend it well!! (she didnt look impressed at all). I was in favour

P3:-Thank you

Me:-Thank You!!


@SHARIQUE ANWAR :- I still dont able to open the site!!Cleared all caches & cookies!!tried IE,mozilla & chrome...

Plz to proceed!!

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