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Aakhri Salaam!!

Though I never thought, it would end this way..

What surprises me is that my profile was worth an interview call last year but not this year.

My profile (for the benefit of other puys):
Chemical Engineer
5.5 years of work-ex in manufacturing, market research and strategy with leading Indian brands
GMAT: 700/4.5
Acads: Good
EC: Good

One thing for sure, the competition to get into ISB is getting tougher by the day. I have seen so many stellar profiles and GMAT scores on this forum, my app. definitely got lost in the middle of all those awesome profiles.

I will now re-appear for GMAT in June and will simultaneously work on improving other aspects of my application.

You will find me in the next year forums :)

Till then... Goodbye
PG, this forum, and all the puys have been a great help all through... Thanx guys and ATB for 15 Feb.

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Has any reapplicant got an interview call from Delhi? If yes, for when?


I am a re-applicant. Still waiting for the call....
akb1234 Says
I just the mail from ISB... interview scheduled on 7th Jan 10:40 AM....

All the best buddy!!

nickleblade and akb1234 Go Rock!!
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Well in my and isb's defense, "India mein hota hai and ineffective communication" are bcoz, being an Indian univ and receiving majority of the applications from Indians, a very high percentage of the applicants are brilliant enough to get a call from the best B school worldwide and hence considerable amount of time needs to be spent to review the applications.

While reviewing the applications, the least the adcom can do is keep the junta updated about the status of the applications and stick to the deadline..

I agree that they are poor guys, overloaded with work but even we are poor, pathetic guys, managing applications along with regular job responsibilities, aspiring for greater recognition from the world and praying for the lovely email.

And if I were you, I wouldn't read too much into the rankings. Many of the rankings do not rate ISB that high.

ISB for me is a poor man's Wharton. It gives excellent return on investment and provides quality education alongwith giving you the opportunity to network with some of the most intellectual minds, who couldn't crack CAT/convert one of their IIM calls earlier in their life. :P

dude! all I can make from your post is: poor guys, poor me, poor you, ISB = poor man's Wharton! sounded like I was talking to an American :P

thanks anyways for the enlightenment..
Let's invite the adcom to attend an info session on effective business communication..

pun apart, the wait is killing but this is the way it works in India.. i guess we can't do anything other than trying to concentrate on other applications..

Puys, it's the first day of the new year! Let's be a little positive..
There are still more calls to come in, believe me!

Just imagine the workload at the end of Adcom, 2700+ applications to process in R2 and they just don't reject applications like that. If something is missing they will contact you to get the details. It's a priority for them to interview each and every deserving applicant. Simultaneously, they are coordinating the interviews, compiling the results. Updating excel sheets, various columns linked to various parameters.....

I put in 2-3 weeks to complete my app. the adcom will need to spend at least 1-2 hours to go through it thoroughly.

And please don't say 'India me aisa hi hota hai' or they need lessons in effective communication. ISB is the most professional b-school in India. 13th best B-school in the world.

They did not earn this reputation just like that.

Also, precisely the reason for our anxiousness. We know what ISB means that's why we are anxious. Had it been some Lovely Professional University thing, would anybody give a damn? Would anyone care to start a thread on PG?

Bottomline - Patience puys! Each applicant at ISB is treated individually, each one's process is different so let's not try to establish analogies.

Just chill :drinking: and wish you all a very Happy New Year!

duplicate post

Chans87 Says
Does anyone know how much weight age does ISB give to recommendations ?

I guess no one can give you a fair idea on that, but yes, essays and recommendations are indeed the two most important parts of the application when it comes to i/v shortlist.
The breakup of my score is 40V and 48Q. Total-720 and AWA-6.0

Im an entrepreneur for over 1 yr with 2.5 yrs exp in ibanking- KPO..

Plz share ur opinion on my profile

720 is a very good score. Believe me, anything above 700 is good and do note the point that Mr. Menon mentions again and again. GMAT score is just a part of the application. ISB evaluates your application holistically.

However, I have a hunch, in terms of i/v shortlist: your essays play a far bigger role than your gmat or acads.
Its just been a day since the Delhi calls came in, and some of us have already started feeling that they are out...thats a rather pessimistic approach I'd say. Sit back and relax. Let them roll out the mails- I am damn sure (whether I get an interview call or not), they cannot get it done in a day!!

For me, I'd patiently wait till the 3rd of Jan. :)

that's right.. it's too early to lose hope. Last year I got an invite on 6th Jan. Moreover the i/v invites are clubbed based on the domain you are working in. So that the panel is able to evaluate the applicants relative to each other. Moreover they try that at least one panel member is from your domain.

In case you have a good application you will get an invite (even if they have to call you to HYD for i/v) no relation to the number of invites they have sent out already.
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Is there anyone out there with an R2 application completed and submitted ,except for a pending reco letter (online reco, not offline)?
Is there a date till which ISB will wait for the reco to be completed, before considering the application null and void? (Oh dear god! )

Hey... the last date for submission of recco was 07 December as informed by Adcom.
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