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Dear Achilles / Hector (Don't know which one you are? )

Bhai CAT 2011 ke liye padhna start kar de instead of doing Time pass at this thread... I mean if IIM tag is so important to you..!!

I have seen all your posts and I am sure that all of them are an attempt to maybe influence a few confused people in the hope of moving the waitlist :sneaky:.. (I guess you are rank 818 )

Exactly. I also read all his past posts nd i feel da same.
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Hey first ever IIM call at 99.46 and i got a reject in the first list after a good GD n a bad PI..
but yeah finally relieved to have got my first IIM convert
i wont be joining though..have payed the fees at MDI!!
ATB to the ppl in waitlist :cheerio:

Exactly da same case bro...!!
kaushikmgr Says
I second iitr.Abhishek. Let the Mods do their job. Why is everyone behaving as if they are the moderators themselves and thrashing one guy who has put forward certain points. If you don't agree, you may opt to just laugh over it and move on :P.

I feel u missed da way he put forward his points.
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seniors can we have a fb group ??

Wowowowowowowoowow I am in. I am a Mandevian @ 275 rank. Wow cant believe. Thnku God.

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Just to clear few doubts:-

IMT Ghaziabad and Nagpur calls are given at the moment.

People getting thw results awaited msg are waitlisted. Also IMT Hyserabad calls are yet to be out. Thats why its showing results awaited. Once candidates who are selected for HYD campus get calls for others it will show waitlisted.

The exact fees amount will be communicated tomo. Will get info on that. Last year it was 1,87500.

People who have not been selected and are in the waitlist can vent out their frustration somewhere else. We are trying to help some potentially good candidates.

Will create a FB page tomo. Also if people in NCR want we can plan a meet sometime.

People whi are in waitlist...dont loose hopes. Last year there was a considerable movement in the waitlist. Dont know the exact number since waitlist numbers were not given.

Also note any derogatory comments against the college or personal remarks will not be entertained and will be reported to mods immediately.

Thnx sir, dat wud be v.good as dis way we can clear few of r doubts. btw i live in gzb only near imt.
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@senior. Can u plz tell wat is the amount to be paid as initial fee nd wat part of the fee ll be deducted if i cancel my admission. thnku.

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One Query ... What does 1st list mean?

Will there be other lists declared ?

What a day for me Converted IMT-G and rejected by IIM L on the same day ... feeling very low ...

Was heavily banking on Hel(L) after A reject ...

Same Here.
Feeling v.sad.
Krishna Sheshadri @thegreatkrishna
_(*Photo credit:* Jayant Bahel)_ Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon completed the placement process for its 2009-2011 batch of 316 students across its Post-Graduate Programmes in General Management, Hu

takin in mind dat 44% students were freshers, da avg package is quite high.

risingadroit Says
With IIM Kashipur n Udaipur, coming out for their first batch,2011-13, can we expect MDI final admission list goes down below 95%tile???

Very Unlikely.. I guess it wont happen as admission process is already mid way..