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Hello Mr. Menon,

First of all, thanks a lot for taking your time and answering all the questions patiently.

I have a question regarding the Recos.
I would prefer the recos from my bosses from ex-organization to the present one for various reasons. A couple of my managers have also left that organization now. Can I still use their recos as their official mail id had changed?


Hi Ravi,

Pls also guide me for GMAT. I am preparing for CAT through Career Launcher & plan to give it in 08. Will it be enough for GMAT prep or shall I refer some books.

Pls help give ref. for a good GMAT book which I can take up. I can refer only 1 book foir GMAT as of now.....already dealing with too much(CAT prep...)


As of now, I'm preparing from Kaplan premier edition 2008...
planning join weekend classes from this weekend onwards. Not really necessary, just that coz i think its been over 5 years since i've studied at this level. So, just for the hang of it.

Will be going thru OG very soon.

nice thread...
will closely watch this one for anymore schools in India offering 1 yr program

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Count me in too guys..
@getneonow Sent my number and mail id thru PM
Sunday should be fine with me...

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I am ready to do that... Guys will give you a gmail id tomorrow... I am not sure if I can share a trix sheet.. will find out and let u know... Thanks Badri... I'm sure it'll be helpful to all interested aspirants

Count me in , too
This year adcom has strictly followed the dictum of 5 years experience on 31st March'08. However, I think the borderline cases like yours may be seen sympathetically. So, please send a formal letter to adcom regarding this.

Best Wishes,

Could you please tell me when is the right time to send this letter?

Hi All,

I am an Engineering Graduate with a current work exp of 4 years in IT/Software.
Preparing for my GMAT scheduled this Aug and planning to apply for ISB.
My acads are not that great but lots of certificates in extra curricular activites and event management in office could be an advantage.

Hoping for the best..


I have booked a slot on Aug 5th.
Planning to join VISU from this weekend onwards. Princeton is good but too too expensive.
Moreover, i'm just looking for some guidance and not an entire makeover. So, dont want to spend that much.

Can someone tell me how is IMS..

Suggestions are most welcome...


Hi abcIndia,

ThanQ for a such an informative thread and taking time to answer the queries.

I am looking forward to attend the 1year program at XLRI starting 2009. I am giving my GMAT in Aug and 2009 May, I should be completing 5 year work experience.

1) Is the work experience sufficient?
2) Is only GMAT required or do i need to take another exam?



Can someone please sum up all the institues which offer a 1 year PGPM program similar to ISB which accept the GMAT scores.

This thread could be one stop to all those who are looking for 1 year program in Management and set their priorities right.