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Final score : 161/240
Home university : MU
State rank : 81
University rank : 76
Category : Open

Should I go for SIMSREE in the first round itself or try for JB till the third?
I don't think I have a chance with JB but want to try my luck.

CET score = 161/240
State general merit number = 86
University general merit number = 71

I guess I am not going to JB afterall...Too bad for JB
Congratulations to all those who made it!

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excaliber007 Says
This is an amazing movie, did u see Rashomon? Love it...

No I haven't seen it. But I've heard its got awesome reviews.
Goes on my "To watch" list

Haven't seen it yet, but yeah, have seen The Magnificent Seven a while back, a western which was a remake of The Seven Samurai.

Yeah replace the samurai with gunslingers and you got a wild west movie .
Somehow those Clint eastwood and 70's movies had a charm to it.
No CGI,no big budget but still kickass.

Now that the exams are over, I am on a movie watching spree
Saw this one yesterday.

Seven Samurai

Set in the 16th century Japan, a village of farmers is terrorized by bandits who steal their harvest. To combat this, they hire a group of samurai warriors (ronins).

Directed by Akira Kurosawa (take a bow), this film is considered to be one of the greatest films ever made.
Took me some time to get hold of this but it was worth it.
Watch it for the sheer pleasure of cinema...Cheers!

got a chance to ask a question after a long time :D

question for the day March 26, 2012.

mention your most recent "electronics/gadget/phone/or anything else" purchase.
also (or alternatively) what such thing are you looking to get in the near future? :D

i thought i should ask something different from the usual emotional questions being post here :biggrin:

1) I am going to buy an Asus gaming laptop within a day or two.
Just a matter of going to the store

2) Also, there is this one watch which caught my fancy (Watch lover me). Airboss Mach 6 (Swiss army watch)...Comes for around 28K but worth every bit of it. I will own this one day.

Edit : I am trying to post an image of the watch. Not happening. How do you guys do it? Pardon the noob but I tried everything.

Robby : Thanks mate. It works now. Never noticed the insert image option :grin:
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Set 57

Option C.

Since it is given that karuti has better mileage than other cars,people generally opt for cars which help save fuel irrespective of the fuel price being high. So the additional info regarding high fuel prices is not needed.

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I guess the purpose of this thread is served.

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related to GD topic:

I would disagree with u a bit..if railways are responsible for looking after their empoyees then they are the only one who are also responsible for providing basic amenities to the passengers because we are paying or t:

I agree with pallavi here. When you are paying for a service, the least you can expect is it's worth the value. So it does come under the purview of increase in fares.

The railway budget is good in the sense that the increased fares will help in better execution of the proposed plans. This has been the handicap of our system where only the favor of the public is sought and no heed is paid to the long term objectives. This is evident from the fact that the fare was increased after a decade for fear of a backlash (which is evidently brewing).
So the hike might be a pinch but in the long run it'll translate into better services.

But I am of the opinion that the lower classes should have been spared.
As it is the conditions of second class compartments are pretty bad. Unless the same are improved, the hike in fares for lower class will be meaningless.
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To conclude, it can't be denied that at some point in time, our conventional sources are bound to exhaust. So it would be in our interests to develop an alternative source while we still have the time.

Since the prohibitory costs of solar and other forms of energy make them unfeasible currently, nuclear energy has the capability of satisfying all our needs.
Maintaining proper safeguards and ensuring that the same is not used for hostile purposes will go a long way in building a positive image.
This will ultimately ensure a pollution free environment and a cheaper and efficient source of energy.