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Hey Gaurav, Which school you are joining now?

Dear Friends,

I have come to final conclusion that the EPGP is not the most appropriate fit for me and my requirements. Thus i have 'forgone' my seat. I just wrote to the EPGP admission dept and declined the offer.

At first I did consider, paying 2 Lac and blocking the place till Feb 15. But in doing so if i later opt out then a seat would go waste. Therefore, i am happy that someone deserving would right away secure the much needed place in the course and build a career for herself / himself

All the best to all who would join the class. and thanks for the wonderful guidance and discussions in this thread

Gaurav Sehgal
WE 10+ yrs
Fashion Retail sector
GMAT 680

Got my mail at 9.52PM..ATB guys don't loose hope...mails are still coming

Guys, just checking are there people who are offered admit from IIM C and ISB and plans to join them instead IIM B??

epgpmaihuna Says
what is ur gmat score maveric2k?

Its 700 V:34 Q:50 A:4.5

Hi All,

Here is my interview exp:
Mumbai 13/11 9 AM Panel 2: Two profs and one alum

- Started with a word in my application asking me to explain it and then asked for example
- Next were more questions around the project example, decent amount of cross questioning but no grilling just trying to understand
- Work profile?
- Describe an end to end project
- Most challenging part of project
- How to you handle politics in public sector projects
- Why EPGP and a bit cross questioning
- 10 years from now??

Couple of more questions but overall candid conversation.. quite professionals have read through the profile well and asking relevant questions

Hope this help

In 9 AM slot there were around 15 people and may be in 2 PM slot same number.

dodgeforgmat Says
I still cant belive its over. There are far fewer calls reported on this forum to be sure that ISB can fill in their mandated seats.

There are lot of people who are telling about number of applicants during their interview such as Delhi folks wrote that there are around 200-300 people been interviewed alone from Delhi. So may be not many people are on PG but I think 900 people would have got interview
Called up ISB few minutes back.
The person said all the calls have been sent out.

why there are multiple versions of information coming from ISB office..ridiculous..they can rather deny to provide any information...highly unprofessional.

Exactly, even I called up and got to hear same that all calls have been sent
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Website says interviews are till Nov 8th; all calls reported so far are till Nov 6th, given Nov 7th is a holiday in many parts of country, Nov 8th calls may be due.. personally I have lost hope now, as I think Mr. Menon has said that all calls will be out by today EOD

HYD (MUM) Re-applicant (dinged last year after R1 I/V)

The website says Nov first week

ashokab Says
i guess isb has been a little strict on re-applicants this year.

Even I am having this feeling