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Hello Mav3r1ck,
I am in hyderabad too and even i am looking for a study circle, i am planning to take GMAT in Jan
Let plan something. This weekend i went to Princeton Review Madhapur and Manhattan Review Madhapur both told gud things bout themselves and bad bout others :)
So i am still nt sure which one to go for, both have new batches 1st week Nov.


Thanks for replying , I have checked the website for Manhattan review think it looks good , I heard mixed reviews about Princeton though. Did you happen to check out how the classes are ? The building , location , class condition etc and the fees.

Hi ! Appearing for GMAT in December , looking forward to create a study circle with fellow test takers in Hyderabad area. Also if anyone can provide name for a good GMAT review center in Hyderabad which is of a reputable standing , would be appreciated