teri galliyan galliyan teri galiyaan @paridhi12
Prime minister Manmohan Singh is the member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) from which of these constituencies ?
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guys is it true that one can prepare for the gk for SNAP and other exams after cat ?
Maruti Nandan Pandey @Maruti089
yes one can easily prepare GK after cat the first test of gk would be on 24 Nov IIFT exam so there is enuf time
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Today was a happy day. :smiley:
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congr8 kis liye kar raha hun ye bhi bata dena
@vyomconfused happy bday
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  • Thanks bhai :smiley:. 18 Feb '13.
@naga25french saar \__________O//

how are you
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Haso Hasao Life Banao/ PG Queen 2013 @sabrinakhan
@brixcel bhai Sb pe aao! :mg: The Sacred Ping :stuck_out_tongue: No demands for deletion plss :mg:
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congr8 \m/
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aa gayi list..i am
wat was your percentile
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helloo sir :)
would you just please help me with this case study thing what is all this about ....we do have casestudy GD in the selection process ..for eg if this is the case what would be the right way of approaching it

A king of an arab country is approached by a foreign mining company with a contact. Presenty the country earns its revenues through tourism. This contract if signed will initiate mining near the coastal regions which will affect tourism. The opposition party is very powerful and if the contract is not signed, they will initiate a coup . What should the king do?

i would say something like this he should sign the contract and let the foreign company mine because it would also generate employment apart from utlizing the natural resources for the benefit of the country and being a king he has to look for the betterment of the people rather than saving his position

thanx :)
@chaitanya_yn said: Okay, so there are quite a few concerns you've raised, let me address
what is this orientation thing ????