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Placement week - 3rd week of october.

Why so late -

1.)Companies start formulating their HR requirement plans around this month, so we have to wait till they come out with the exact numbers.Thats the reason why we have to wait tll 3rd week of october.

2.) Sept. 30th -Half Yearly closing, most of the companies are busy with that.So ideally 3rd week of october the companies will be free to make visit to the campus.

As of now all i can say that, there are companies which have shown interest and are willing to come.
How many? whats the pay? are they looking at freshers or wrk ex? are the obvious questions, which i wud have also asked if i had been on the other side, however friends we have to follow the protocol, certain details cannot be published as of now.Let me also mention this fact that companies belonging to various sectors are ready to come and not just the IT sector.

I hope you all wud understand our situation here, kindly be patient, we would very soon will come out with detailed info.
keep the faith , coz now it is just not 41 people institute, cometh this 3rd we will be touching the 150 mark.
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allright guys...m back !!!!!!!!! :2gunfire:
Now lets get this straight, time immemorial we have discussed this issue, a humble request to all the anxious readers, kindly go through the prev post and all of u wud be able to c a testimoney by the person, who once questioned the Authenticity of BIM-B.
Things have been cleared, questions have been answered. So madhan.naidu, kindly get this fact very clear, a question asked in the interview facilitates the institute to select the best, in no interview wud u be asked the questions u like.
and before making a claim be 100% sure about it.
This is regarding rajeev85's comment where in he goes to mention that, sum Accquaintance of his, has informed him about some companies visiting the campus and etc. Let me clear this thing, no STUDENT OF BIM-B would subscribe to that piece of information. i think there has been some miscommunication. The companies will be visiting us only during the placement week, which is 3rd week of october, the dates might vary depending upon the convenience of the companies planning to visit.
and at last but not the least.....gr8 work second batch of
BIM-b, for continuing the legacy.....:thumbsup:
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hiiiii is the date again postponed to 31st august???its on the website.

n marcus prem how ya doing?

can u tell me if all of u re in same section or are divided into separate sections?

wht abt the placements updates of current batch?the process must have started by plez give me some idea.bytheway im on the placements team of icfai gurgaon.


he abhishek,
prem is into the placement committe...he wud be able to give u a fair idea...i think we will have placements in sept...things looking gud..
prem is in SYSTEMS n m in MARKETING...
so hw abt placements thr???
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hey pranks,

nice to c u back...well m also visiting the thread after a long is taking a toll on me..placements are looking gud, we might have it during the month of sept...prem is into the committee..he might be able to give u a gud picture....
so how abt u...hoz ur classes r going?

by ne chance r u into orkut??..lemme search...
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hey nilesh,

placements will start by 1st or 2 nd week of august.

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hey abhishek,
as regards to the batch size by no means it is small...i mean i c them daily and it really looks huge to me, for the simple reason tht classes aint big as some hall. infact i wud say the batch is lil huge coz it becomes a problem during case study presentations, a faculty has a stipulated time under which classes have to be finished..more the no.of people, more will be no of groups, which most of the times reduces the time for presentation. secondly larger the group more are the chances of social loafing!!!!!!
so thr is only 1 section.
ok now u r talking something abt Mr.Robert Donison, one of our directors, well the person u r ref to and the person refrd by nilesh are the same. but has notting to do wid his chennai institute n stuff , i wud advise u not to make statements as regards to he opening an institute and it turning out to be farce and closed down. as mentioned earlier it was closed due to operational reasons.
yes it is true tht a HUGE campus is comming up..
as regards to the new hostel details and all i m not the rt person...hope sume dude will post it soon.
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see i have sent the application form along with the dd for sept intake but not have received any acknowledgement or prospectus .
whom should i contact to confirm that they have recieved the form or not
its been a month

hey vishu
dont worry..
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hiii marcus how r u doing buddy.

me at icfai gurgaon presently and its okie kinds....

life is so tough outside the confines of ones home !!!

hey i m planning to apply for the sept intake.have to apply again as the admin said the may application cannot be deffered to sept.

whts ur views on bim-b now guys.i think it has been well excepted among the academic faternity.

heyyyy....abhishek....nice to c u back....
well it is good to c tht u r gonna join us fr the sept intake....
welcome back...
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Hey Markus
Just wanted to confirm if this years SEP batch still holds!
I heard somewhere BIM-B mite discountinue with the SEP intake and have onle one from this year ie April intake!
Can u please confirm if this Info holds any good.
Secondly have u ppl got any idea as to how many are joining in the April Intake?
Thanks in Advance

hey anees
as of now i have got no news on the sept batch thing...i dont think thr is any logic in cancelling the batch...anyhow lemme see if i can gt a lead but i personnaly think the sept intake is for sure.
moving on to ur 2nd Ques...frankly i dont have an official count on that, i shall ask the admin n try to post it.
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hey vijay
few corrections , u wud go into specialisation in the 3rd term which is the last term. 4 months= 1 term, therefore u have 3 terms.
one wud get PGDBM from BIM-B and not MBA.
if u go for the uk/aus top up u will gt a MBA from tht uni as well as a PGDBM from BIM-B.
jus go thru our website u shud be able to find info on the top up program.
now vijay this placement question i have answered many times...and the answer remains the same, till we get it we can't comment on anything, this is what our previous posts wud also is very tough to ans this, pl try and understand guys, we still have a couple of months to go fr our placements. all i cud say is to be patient jus like me we ask the same question to our management day in and day out, if we gt an answer b4 our placements, i shall be the first one to post it on PG.

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