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Has anyone paid through SBI ATM CARD. My payment got stuck. Can anyone give me the number of the noformspapers???

Information straight from the admission desk:

  1. No acknowledgement sent to anyone applying online.
  2. Person applying online need not follow up, means need not send any other thing.
  3. In total marks column, write aggregated CGPA or %age (whatever applicable in characters) & write the same in numerals (value obtained)

Hope it serves your purpose.


But I don't have even the form number. It happened to one of my friend too.

I registered yesterday and had applied for three courses. The money has got deducted but I got no acknowledgement.

I need to know what happens now? I shot off an email to the nopaperforms people but they aren't replying.

What do I do. Its Rs. 2098???

I heard that the courses offered are not AICTE approved. Is it so? And if it is so how does it affect one's career objectives???

I have my interview on the 13th. But its a certainty that my academic schedule here won't be complete before the 2nd week of July. Would that be okay with you guys.

Because if that is a problem there is no point attending the interview in the first place. Moreover I am from Arunachal Pradesh. Its a long way.

The academic curriculum at my college will end toward the mid of July because of backlogs etc.:banghead:

Will they consider it or not? Or should I apply in the first place?

My score stands as:

Quant: 74.15 :banghead:
Verba: 84.16
DM : 86.06

Overall: 86.86 ...missed XLRI and XIMB by a whisker...

Xth: 80% (state board)
XII (maintenance Engg): 65%
Graduation: 50.05 % :banghead: ( will increase to about 55 after the final semester)...

How's my chance for PM(HR) and RM at XISS????