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a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

if u strive for nothing but the best you usually end up with the best.

its ur wish

Make your decision, moreover do u think you will be willing to put everything to a stop after two years and do an MBA and then start over?

CAT     P and C

Hey Shubb, that was really a simple way. amazing! in the book its solved using conditional probality P(event that flower is a rose (B) / event that flower is red (A)) = p(B n A)/p(A) = 5/8

can any one explain the funda behind conditional probality?

CAT     P and C

In a garden, 40% of flowers are roses and rest are carnations. if 25% if the
roses and 10 % of the carnations are red,
find the probality that a red flower selected at random is a rose.

hi adi,

its not worth mugging up the word list, not now. cauz it requires disproportionate amount of time wrt to the marks gained. u mite as well improve on other areas instead. and the funny thing is that the words usually asked in CAT never appear in most word lists..

CAT     P and C

Hi Shub, thanks.. the book i have gives a really complicated answer to in using some kind of conditional probality..

CAT     P and C

A box contains 6 white balls and 3 black balls, and another box contains 4 white and 5 black balls. Find the probality that a ball selected form one of the box again selecte at random is a white ball?

Answer: 5/9

firstly i found the question really confusing.

and then the solution was even more confusing....

CAT     P and C

imagine the 3 passengers who are indifferent sit first. then they will have ten seats to choose form. how can this be worked out..

CAT     P and C

In a railway compartment there are 2 rows if seats facing each other with accomodation for 5 each.
4 wish to sit facing forward and 3 facing towards the rear while 3 others are indifferent. In how many ways can the 10 passengers be seated ?

The answer is:5p4 * 5p3 * 3p3

My doubt is.. Why 3p3 ? it should be 10p3 as the last three are indifferent and can sit on any of the 10 seats.

I dont quite remember, may be CAT 2003@yahoogroups.. i wrote sim cats 2002 too, but then i was not working, so no free ka internet.. looking fwd to simcats 2003...

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