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Just confirming that I ll be there

I think a very large percentage of the people applying would fall under the "Indian IT Junta" umbrella. Case in point ... the PG Meet we had in chennai a few days ago. Of the 10 people that turned up 9 were into IT and even the 1 who was doing something different had worked in IT earlier.

Hi All,
I am initiating this thread to unite all the Indian IT juntas aspiring to pursue their MBA abroad in the 2008 session. Here we would like to discuss our application concerns, issues and suggestions chipped in by the "Expert Pagals" who have already been through this process and made it to the top.

For the applicants - Lets start with our introduction first stuff.

Male 26 yrs/ 2.5 WE
GMAT - 760/ BTech Comp Sc from State Level Engineering College (Cumulative % - 82.7)
Preference - US B Schools

Lets Rock

Yup ... looks like we already have a comprehensive summary of the meet by Iday. We had some good discussions. From the look of things initially i thot we would be having more prospective candidates than people with admits but as it turned out it was the other way around.

I have just confirmed with Iday ... and he has agreed to sponsor the next meet ... so here s hoping we have an even better turn out next time. What Iday??

It is definetly not as black and white as a selection or rejection step; it will generally be viewed along with other inputs from your application.

In the case of Duke and Kellogg wherein interviews are offerred to all applicants without the application first being read, poeple are of the opinion that it might have less of an impact. This again would vary from applicant to applicant; as i posted in the other thread ... in my case where in i didnt have substantial workex ... it might play a more important part ... than say in yours where in you have 6+ years of work ex.

but thats just me thinking aloud ... dunno if others here agree with that tho.


i too received an alum interview today........ anybody there who has interviewed for kellogg?? lets have some inputs....

i totally messed up my Duke interview, so wanna go real careful this time.

also , wanted to understand how imp is an alum interview? if say u mess up then is it bye bye.... what i mean is - is the alum interview a selection/rejection step or are there some points for this interview which are viewed in totality with the application.

Nope, not yet.

Will be having it sometime the coming week after wednesday I guess.

Will post here as soon as i am done with the interview.

Hi manu,

did ya have ur interview????/

share the

anyelse who has interviewed for kelloggs?

Well, I would go so far to say that it was the alumni interview that "Made it" for me. But it probably played such an important factor because i had less than a year of work ex at the time of applying. In your case since you should have a solid 6-7 years of work ex it might be less of a factor.


I had my alum interview around 10 days back. The guy was pretty cool but i guess since it was my first interview i kinda messed it up.

Any ideas how important is the alumni interview?

I actually called the Admissions office about this ... because i was not sure about my recommenders list and both Part1 and Part2 had a place to fill in the name of the recommenders and their email address. So i called to find out if it would be fine if the recommenders in part2 were different from those in part1 and they said that it might lead to questions being raised. So i asked them if i could submit part1 after the deadline and they said yes ... but the scheduling of the interview would be delayed.

quote=Incarnation;682746]Yes......they encourage applicants to submit Part-1 before Dec 22...but I realized this condition on 5ht Jan only-the deadline date....Submitted both parts hours before the deadline...May have missed out on the alumni interview because of this stupidity only....

But I know people who submitted part-I way before the deadline but were still not accommodated for the alumni interviews....i guess it is random selection and many people have had their interviwes waived off........

Congrats for the invite.........Age-22...And I thought I was the youngest applicant at Kellogg....:)

Its a coffee shop ... quite close to Sathyam ... in the gopalapuram area. (its actually just off peters road ...)

I'll be there too at 4 .
btw, what is this amethyst? Is it a cafe /shop? and where exactly is this?
Sorry guys, havent been to this place b'4.:)
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I had submitted part-1 on the day of the deadline ... dec 22nd i think. I had spoken to Kellogg about what happens if you submit part1 after the deadline and they said that while they will still try to schedule interviews it would be substantially delayed and that they would not recommend submitting it after the part1 deadline.

aimmba207 Says
When did you submit part-1? Did anyone who submitted part-1 after Jan 1 receive interview invite?

But i guess the trend was that the interviews were being waived

I am surprised that there is no dedicated thread on Kellogg. I am also an R2 applicant. All applicants are interviewed at Kellogg (unless it is waived) and not too worried about the interview call. Just want to get done with it sooner.
Incarnation and Madonna - lets share our interview insights once we are done.