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Me too got a call for IMT Dubai...applied thru CAT for IMT...did'nt know abt the Dubai campus when I percentile 88.7...not sure if I can shell out 16 lakhs...

Hello Puys,
Finally the entire process is over for us ...had the DPI(Director Personal Interview) at around 17:30..results likely to be out on 1st March....

1st let me clear a few queries that were put up in the previous posts...

1) the written test was not an elimination round...but it is most likely that due weightage was given to that part when evaluating in the subsequent rounds...

2) Extempore topics...chits were provided to us by the choosing...the 1st person takes a look at his topic...gets 1 min to think abt it...& as soon as he starts speaking the 2nd person gets to open his chit...& so on...

Reported 2day for my interviews after clearing extempore & GD round....

interviews were very general in PI...panels of panel sir & M'am

was asked for ID & name...remaining ques in random order..
1)most challenging situation in ur work period? was it solved as a team? imp of team work? Any jobs need to be done individually rather than in a team did'nt get this 1 ?
2) Why MBA?
3) Do u want to relate to ur field after MBA or would u change profile for a lucrative offer?
4) where do u see urself 10 yrs from now?
5) weak extra-currics why? (they told me that I had to improve on tht part if in)
6) why did u leave previous job? didnt u like it?
Sir suggested I remain in current job & pursue growth there...overall no real 1

1) chem engg? Lateral entry? (I am from Diploma so direct 2nd yr entry in grad)
2) achievement in job?
3) most disappointing moment?
4) any other calls?(have Tapmi & K J som) told them
5) then y siom? why not K J som?
6) saw our web-site? what did u like abt it?

was asked if I had any questions....Went cool overall....


Hi Puys,
Have cleared the 1st round of things ...My interview is scheduled for 2morow at 9 in the morning...
Here is what happened to us today....
Reported @10:00 for the 10:45 start...were asked to wait...the process started a little late..kicked off with a written test of 10 min...

Topic--- Media Violence, Should it be banned??

2nd up extempore...1 min to think & 1 min to speak...
Few topics I could remember

1) Being materialistic--is it same as selling ur souls?
2) E-commerce is it good for India??
3) Why r Indian sports not doing well? Dont remember others...

3rd GD --- CASE STUDY...
our case...recruitment manager...selecting candidates...almost thru & is decided on a
candidate...only 1 remaining to be interviewed...he is almost as good as the guy the manager is decided on...but not better...he has got a sob story though which moves the manager....what should he do in such case? Who should he recruit?

& no it was'nt a fish market...our group went abt it in a very peaceful fashion....
so many thru from our group...

Will give more inputs as soon as I am thru with the remaining process....
All the Best to all the people who r yet to face the GD/PI
Do come prepared for an extra day:)

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Got a call at 88.69 percentile
work-ex of 16 months @ RIL

Seniors please help with the GD/PI Scenario

Got a call at 66.25
10th --- 81.5
Diploma --- 71.3
Chemical engg --- 67.5
work-ex 16 months in RIL
GD/PI @ Nashik

My score 66.25/200 any chances for SIIB?
Did'nt find the out of 400 score in my scorecard.....

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wat we are lookin fr is a certificte stating that u have been an employee of a particular organization fr such and such period... if however, where u are currently employed is the organistaion where u have been working fr the past 3 years... then gimme a day or two to find out wat needs to be done in such a situation.....


Did i miss something here?? When is this certificate to b submitted?? I have already sent my application??

Have got a score of 98 avg & 108(CL)
with DI-37 VA-34 to 49 QA-27

Have applied for MDI-IM, BIM..have taken applications for NIRMA, TAPMI..& trying my luck with SP Jain....(work exp of arnd 17 months)

Was thinking of giving a try to it too distant for my score?? or should I have a go? What r my chances with MDI-IM??

Pls pour in ur views & suggestions...

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My attempts:

Sec 1 - 13 Score 32 (CL/IMS), 37(PT):neutral:
Sec2 - 21 Score 34(PT), 39(IMS), 49(CL):satisfie:
Sec3 - 08 Score 27(Standard):(

Total 98-108:)

Applied for MDI(IM) & BIM as of now....

Will I get these calls?? Where else should I apply given my score??

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Anyone from Surat got the admit card? One of my friends got it...he lives in the
flat adjacent to mine...I am still to get I need to call the IIMs or can i wait a
little longer??

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