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When you are planning up for MBA in finance then i my view delhi business school will not be a bad option. i am student here and doing MBA in finance and marketing. the course curriculum here involves extensive industry related knowledge and even good options for summer placements as well. moreover, the internal environment is friendly and healthy and i am sure you are going to enjoy your time here...

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In today's time where everything is sold through advertising then getting a degree in MBA marketing is sure to give you high growth in your career. there are many job profiles available after completing MBA marketing that are of marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager and new product manager and other end number of opportunities in the field of communication, advertising are available. I can say that this course would help because i am myself doing MBA in marketing in final semester from Delhi business school. And the kind of opportunities i am getting during the course is amazing. i did my summer placement with HSBC global.

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