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Well it's been a while since i last posted here.Today we had a very interesting guest lecture on "Body language" delivered by a very distinguished ma'am from New Orleans university,USA named Artemis Preeshl.We were astounded by her achievements not just in academics alone but also in multidimensional aspects such as Acting, Theatre,Indian dance forms,Body language and Human Psychology.She made us all feel at ease the moment she came onto the stage with her charm and affability.The whole session was power-packed with thought provoking revelations about human behaviour and was interactive throughout.Each one of us were given a chance to perform expression,emotion and body language related tasks which helped us learn a lot of things and there was never a dull moment.On the whole it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!


Life is busier than ever before with so many assignments and presentation deadlines to be met and so much work to do.The mundane schedule apart,i got the chance to attend a wonderful Guest lecture organised in DoMS that was delivered by a distinguished Associate professor from IIM B, Mrs Vasanthi Srinivasan who spoke about 'Human Resource Management' in the most fascinating manner with interesting insights, off beat ideas, excellent analysis on various issues such as HR Analytics, understanding people, technology and many more. She was full of energy and her enthusiasm was amazingly infectious. The best part was that she could instantly connect with us and i found her very inspirational and motivating.I could clearly see the inner glow in her because she loved what she did.I think the 2 hours of positive energy that she injected has renewed my hopes and forgotten dreams.My whole batch thoroughly enjoyed the experience!:cheerio:

pankudude Says
Mam do you know ekta kalra ? She is your senior and my cousin . She told me that your batch has students ranging from 88 to 95 percentile. Is it true. ?

Oh yes i know her though not personally.The cutoffs vary widely based on quota.I belong to General category outside TN and could get through last year with 87.55%ile.There are lots of students with much lesser percentiles who got in but they belong to SC/ST/BC.The highest score in my batch is 97%ile
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pankudude Says
Mam can you please tell that is tomorrow the day when the result will come or we have to wait for one more week as we are listening that the result will come next week from last 3 weeks . So please confirm this . It is not frustration but my desperation to come to NIT T.

Hi.Since the administrative block remains closed on weekends, i wont be able to get back to you right away.I will post the updates tomorrow.
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coolrag Says
I haven't received any call with 84.63%ile...i opted for Bangalore as my GD/pi center pls help..

Some help required. I am from Kolkata and I haven't gotten any sms, got 93%ile in CAT with balanced sectionals(85+ in all 3 sections). Is there any other way by which I can know whether I have been shortlisted ?

Application No -- MS1202

me from kolkata but scheduled gdpi in chennai............!

dates not yet.......told......but when they called me i didnt received the ph ma self...n ma fren relays that my center is chennai......which are the valid center as if for now.............i dont even got the chance to choose.....

apart from that wat r the dates for gd n pi.....coz im having my indore on 19th i need to worri now......

seniors do reply.....pls...

mannu1987 Says
i want 2 know wat is expected cutoff for gen outside tn..i have scored 89.75 in cat but still not got sms to chng the gd/pi centre(sel. kolkata gd/pi centre)

is the list out for delhi applicants also??? where can i find the list??cause i didnt saw any on the website.
m from delhi n scored 86 in cat. . . .

pakashreya Says
Hi even I hv got no sms as of now..chosen kolkata as centre for gd/pi, got 85% in cat..wuts d cutoff seniors pls confirm..

I can understand that you are all going through a tough time. I had to go through the same kind of ordeal too last year but i sincerely request you to please be patient.Although the process took time, it went smooth last year so i'm sure that you will be given proper information at the right time.Don't worry.Right now focus on preparing well for your GD PI.All the best!
nice to see a senior active here
and u say aspirants are spamming here
better check once the threads of NITIE then u will know wat spamming is
here guys are just saying exactly wat they have experienced ...
if u can do some assistance do it ....and it doesn't mean mam that being a senior u cant just say everything is spamming ......

let me ask u
how can a b-school send a message that too from and that too without any signature and also no clear source of replying

and when students mention it u should take it as a comment and correct it in next time happenings ...instead suddenly after long time u come back and say spamming ....

pls take some time and see nitie thread where the moderator was active every day with 20 replies explaining wats happening ...

better do it

else pls stop this

groan as many times as u can but i would feel happy if u can absorb the real essence here

When i got this exact same message from you as a PM, i took your opinion and left it with that but posting it in a public forum is extremely DISRESPECTFUL and UNWARRANTED.At this juncture, you as an MBA aspirant ought to know what is right and what isn't.Please 'absorb the real essence' of what i am trying to say

FYI: Judging professionalism is not something you are authorized to do.Before you point that accusing finger at someone, look at yourself first and see if you can make something which is negative into positive.The easiest thing to do is to blame someone
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mannu1987 Says
i want 2 know wat is expected cutoff for gen outside tn..i have scored 89.75 in cat but still not got sms to chng the gd/pi centre(sel. kolkata gd/pi centre)

Hi the cutoffs are never revealed but from last year's experience i can tell you that you have very good chances of getting through.All the best!
another thing sms whre send from way2sms.............

gr8 example of.........cost cutting i liked..that...:cheerio::cheerio:..............

guys u should...hav used fullon sms...........with no signature of theirs....;););)

It's nice that you show appreciation but kindly refrain from doing so in a public forum like this as anything beyond the purpose of the thread is equivalent to spam.In case you want to contact someone in particular, PM and if you find a post useful, use the Thank button.Lets keep the thread in order.Thanks
can any one give some help regd gd pi for NITT specific .I am not good in GD
coz I got 105 in SNAP + 2.4 years TCS IT exp ,but got waiting only in SSBM

First of all calm down and spend the time that u spend worrying by keeping yourself updated with current news.Read the newspapers(ET,Indian Express and The Hindu are what we get here) not just superficially but with a definite purpose.In case you have difficulty understanding some financial jargon given in a news article, read up more about it from different sources.Also most importantly form opinions about latest happenings and back your ideas with explanations.I remember that in the PI i was asked lots of questions on the budget.It was not just about what, it was also about how and why or why not.You need to brush up your UG basics and additionally be able to tell something about the nature of work you have performed in TCS.In case your group in the GD is given a chance to decide on the topic, grab the opportunity and contribute.Lastly be cool and practice.All the best!

I wouldn't call this my favourite but it's fascinating in a weird way!
'Waiting for the end' by Linkin Park
YouTube - Waiting for the End (Official HD)