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Great surprise man!!! Congratulations!!!! You deserved ittoo good. Blessings and Best wishes. Keep Posting.
Sorry for posting it late but I know it will surely help you all.
Day 1-
The day started at 8.30 a.m 6th June. Lots of people around, bright and (bful) faces. :smilecol:
Expected ppl around 380-400 but as donb mentioned only 320 turned up (wonder how can ppl miss it).
From 9 to 9:45 there were presentation frm seniors.
We were told to go to Room 15, but theres another confusion herethere is no Room 15 in TISS. The poor peon himself was zapped. Later on it was told dat Room 13 itself is Room:15. So wat happened to poor Room 14?!!!? (Reminds me of Harry Potterwith all those secret rooms and all)
Later on, Essay test for 45 mins, chose the topic Can Eco-tourism contribute to Regional development?
Started with how humans neglect nature, defined and explained eco-tourism, its social relevance and then linked it to regional development. Thought I shud atleast get 30-35 out of 60. (Well lets see)
All geared up for GD now. The list said I was in 2:30 batch --- the last one and it was just 11:15 dat time. Wat to do for so long? Started with a search for my team members. Had discussion with them, moved around the campus. (Guyz plz get hold of all team members and be wid them, this way u r helping urself as u get to know their nature and u can plan on how to handle one and all in the GD)
We enter the room at around 2:20. The panel consisted of Prof. Ravindran and Prof. K
Prof K: (Smiling ) Hope u all enjoyed the Essay round?
Me: (Is it some type of trap or wat to say?!!!?) We all say Yes.
Prof K: Can u tell me the Essay Topics?
Nobody cud hear wat he was asking so we all request him to repeat. ( Now over here I was busy digging my bag in search of a pen and notebad, maybe, this fetched me some ve marks, god knows wat???)
Prof K: Repeats it
We all: Start in chorus abt the 3 essay topics?
Prof Ravindran: (again dat smile ) We r sure ull enjoy GDs too.
They gave those instructions not to dominate or else ull get ve marks and all.
Told us the topics which were:
1.Entrepreneurship or managers what shud be the emphasis of B School education.
2.Should FDI be allowed in indian media

He said ur time starts now and there was silence for 30 secs. I thought this the right time to initiative and started Good namewell as some general topics given y dont we vote and then majority wins
Out of 10, some 8 voted for topic 1 and we start.
I start again Ent is need for day..30 new employment opportunities r shud b given imp
There is dis girl who is very dominating comes up with point that we shud discuss abt both aspects and then draw a conclusion. Then she contributes lots of points and even concludes the GD around 17th minute.
In meanwhile, I do a good thing (or this is wat I thought so..). I girl in grp is trying to make a pt and due to dis earlier girl I referred to she was not able to even enter . So I say, Lets hear wat this frnd of ours wants to say and we giv her a chance.
At this time I again think I have scored some marks for this.
Its all done and I am happy for 3 things: 1) to start GD and conduct a voting 2) Giv out some pts in betwn and 3) Giv the poor girl a chance to speak. Now, I am sure thatl Ill atleast score 50/100.
Its 6:30 pm and result am not short-listed for the PI. How come?? OK lets see who else from the grp made my amazement its the dominating girl who got selectedand another shockits only her frm the grp who made it to PI. 9 ppl got rejected?!!!!?
Some facts and figures:
My dominating team member is selecteddoneI go to explore other groups and theres this grp 2 which was having this another Hitler lady who we thought wudnt get thru for being aggressiveguess wat happened!!!! Righteven she got short-listed. (Wat is TISS lookin for??)
My group was a real good one and as the old TISS theory goes that if the grp performs well, abt 6-7 make it was proved wrong this time. (only 1 was selected)
320 people appeared for PM-IR on day 1 and only 46 got shortlisted for PI.

Then I started analysing some good points abt the one who got selected. This girl who got short-listed initially voted for the other topic and had to agree upon the one which we chose (u c majority wins). Now with this OK Whatever attitude she started the GD and amazingly squeezed in a lot of points and displayed a thorough knowledge abt the topic. Although she entered the GD 2-3 mins later she was able to put forth her points with some examples and talked (a lot :wink: ) after that.

She also maintained a good posture and was having eye-contact wid da entire grp infact she even included the panel for that matter. I cudnt even glance at the panel, they were so scary.

Wishing Best of Luck to one and all. May Pgites make to TISS this year. Amen:)
These are GD topics only, while essay topics remain same for everybody (the 3 mentioned by DonB) on that particular day. All the Best.
The other topics were:
Human Rights Vs Human Organisation
Consolidation or Innovation
Water Resources Vs Human Resources which one is more imp?
Economic Development or Human Dev, which one is more imp?

All the Best Ppl, Believe me u need a lot of LUCK.

The panel is so very unpredictable; youll believe me after reading my experience in detail, which is coming shortly.

:huh: :huh: :huh:

Hi Friends,

I submitted my form on 30th or 31st Jan and I got my Call for 6th June.

I think they are going category wise like the General, others and so on..

Wat say?

Yes, owing to Indian Postal Sys we all need to keep some patience

:wow: Hey Ppl,

I got a call for Monday, 6th June. Anybody else from Mumbai in this batch? Anybody on the forum accompanying me?

C u ppl on 6th.

All the Best.

Is there a restriction on how many times can a person apply for admission? Am I eligible if I have applied in previous year?

I was searching some info abt CAT and i came across PG. Undoubtedly, it is the best and largest MBA forum of India.

Proud to be a member,



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