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@EnigmaticT said: Exam notification not out yet>??
@EnigmaticT said: i mean admission notification

No. As already told, it is not yet out. It will be out sooner or later. Focus on maximising your Score. ATB.. !!
@prakhar9 said: last time cmat cut off was 198. sir could u give an idea of how far the cut off could go this time keeping in mind the number of applicants last time.

We cannot comment on this as it would entirely depend upon the number of applicants. But it would def be more than what it was last time. All the best.. !!
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@yadavsourabh89 said: any tentative date for GIM notification ?
No tentative date as such.

The notification is expected to come in this month. (Def by end of this month)

ATB with your XAT and CMAT Preps till then.. !!

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For the information of every GIM Aspirant :

Registration for Common Management Admission Test is extended till 07th Sep, 2012.
This is a serious warning to all who are fighting here about GIM Vs TAPMI.

We TAPMIans do not demean other colleges. Aspirants if you have any difficulty while selecting colleges you should talk in person with the seniors from both the colleges and take your independent decision.

@Seniors from GIM, I apologies for whatever happened on this thread but it was kiddish on your part to fight with an aspirant and starting to describe what GIM is. (NOM)

No more fighting on this thread.. Peace...

We stepped in only after we saw that none of the seniors from TAPMI reprimanded the guy for saying what he did. It was really unprofessional from your part. I hope such things are not repeated.
Just got a mail... converted TAPMI after being rejected by mediocre colleges like GIM and IFMR... Second convert after IMT Ghaziabad DCP.
XAT: 93.59%ile
Work ex: Nil

I can understand someone who got through IIM A or IIM B saying the kind of shit you just said because GIM is probably mediocre compared to those colleges but IMT DCP and TAPMI?Are you kidding me dude?Which world are you living in. The people of this world know how good IMT DCP is. And the fact that inspite of scoring high percentile you could convert only these colleges reflect upon your capability. I am not surprised GIM rejected you.Have fun in TAPMI.
I will be taking bus from Goa to Mumbai, after my GD/PI @ GIM on 9th, 8.30am.
So can i take the 6PM bus???
And which will be convenient (in terms of commutation) boarding point

Mapusa is nearest to GIM Campus. Around 30 Km.
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nikhilj Says
How many calls through cmat?

We don't have the exact number. But most likely, it is approximately 150..
Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Here we are, nearing the end of an MBA admission season hanging right in the middle of the second economic recession in five years. The crisis of 2009 assailed at the viability of the mass-produced MBAs of the country to
Manish Singh @manishsngh

IMT G at 18 and GIM at 40... Difference of 22... Even 100 Groans are not enough for this....

ohhk.. I have got a call from XAT too... but when I will be able to see my result as I was not there in the XAT final result from GIM and which score of mine will be considered for admission or when the result will be out for the guys who have applied from both XAT & CMAT and got the call from XAT...

My XAT %ile: 89.33
My CMAT rank:168

You won't be called again for GD/PI.

All the best for Waitlist result.
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