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Wish you all a very happy new year

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Please suggest me methods to solve:
- Ordinary sugar contains 32% impurities, while processed sugar has 18% impurities. How many kilograms of ordinary sugar must be processed to yeild 102 kg of processed sugar?
(a) 185
(b) 246
(c) 123
(d) None of these

HCP Says
I have already joined time test series for cet...... but since i lack speed, am thinking of joining one more test series to get practice...... any suggestions, which one i should join..........

There are many classes who come out with free mock tests at this time. You could write those and decide for yourself. Call up the offices of various classes and they will let you know. Once you write those tests you can decide.
One such free test to be held this weekend:
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How many students are writing the Time Mock?

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33. CP x 15 = SP x 20. To equate the two sides CP = 4, SP = 3 so loss of 25%. Can do by SP/CP = 15/20 which is loss of 25%.

34. Say he sells 45 articles for Rs. 45. So his profit is Rs. 15. So CP = Rs. 30. Profit % is 15/30 = 50%. I believe options are wrong. Please confirm.

35. Let CP of 960 gms be 960Rs. He sells for Rs. 1000. Profit is Rs. 40. Profit % = 40/960 = 1/24 = 4.16%

Quant Ability Hw | CETking

can anyone please solve these questions.
piyushnow23 Says
I had given all mocks of TIME last year...soo do they change the content of the mocks every year ?? Or they're just gonna do in mock shuffling of questions ??

I have solved the last 2 years Time mocks, and I found a lot of questions in Time mocks being repeated. Though for students who have not given Time mocks before can join it as it has the maximum base of students writing the exam among all the classes.
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every strategy differ from person to person .Try to build your own strategy depanding on your weakness and strength and try different way to solve problems in least possible time

Totally agree with you. But from what I have heard, it is good to know the strategies of people who have been successful and then experiment to know whether it works for you. So I was keen to know the different strategies adopted.
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This is very true, and I would like to add to this by requesting all of you to practice puzzles daily and become masters of them. The advantages are

1. Puzzles come in all exams
2. Once you crack a set, all answers are guaranteed
3. you dont need any prior studying of basic formulae etc to crack puzzles

so try to solve them as much as possible, because puzzles can be mastered only with practice

Can you please share your strategy when you wrote CET11 exam.
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