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I think that the institute offers too many courses both at graduate and post graduate level. Though I was unable to find out number of seats in each course you must enquire about that as the total out going batch being larger than 100 or 200 will be very very difficult to place.
All the rest looks fine, also though the full time faculty are from IIMA i dont see anywhere what experience they have in teaching. This is important to a new Bschool to ensure that it creates the right intellectual atmosphere for the students.

The reason I only highlight my concerns are cause the benefits and salient features are directly seen from the website. I am using my personal judgement to point out a couple of areas which may need thinking over.

Richa/ Pranav ..

As i mentioned b4 .. 1 of my frnd is joinin FOSTIIMA ... and as he told me... da intake is jst 80-90 ppl dis year and dere SUmmer placment has been vry gd as dey mention ..
n with IIMA ppl n Jerry Rao Citibank like ppl .. placement shudnt b a problem ..
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Can anyone guide me about FOSTIIMA, Delhi. The ads look impressive and admissions are still on. Would it be a good career option. Does anyone have idea about last year's placements.



Heard bout FOSTIIMA ... one of my friends joining it and he is very convinced about it and it looks good , IIM-A faculty , and have a good network, and it is a very new clg , da 1st batch is stil 2 pass out ..!!!

Worth Takin Risk!!!
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CET: 102/200 ..
GD: :bad-word:9 (1 of da best GDs of my lyf .. shud hav been 12 or 13)
PI: 11/17 ... shud hav got more .... dis is so so bad

GD PI center - SNDT
PAR: 3
Total: 125 :snipersm:... apna toh ho gya kaam ... all depends on luck
Category- OPEN ..Mumbai Univ,
pls can ne1 recommend me a gd clg 4 da marks i got!!!:neutral::neutral:

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it was da best site 4 mba prep. long back.. but i only came 2 know bout it.. aftr my frnd recommended me 2 chck it out..
n now it rocks

hi ppl
i'm doin hotel manag. n a big MBA aspirant... n wil giv a big shot :grab: 2 it this yr

this is 1 amazin forum... thnx all da ADMINS n MODS here..!!!
u ppl ROCK!!!

this is amazin stuff dolin out!!!.. keep ur gd wrok goin ppl

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