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Yeah, seems season is over for me as well. I was waitlisted at 35.

called up today ...

they said they will come up with a list on 16th-17th as 15th june is the last date to withdraw admissions...

Even I called up and got the same reply. I further asked if there are chances of any movement in the waitlist. He said he can't say anything but chances are very less.

I dont see much hope for ppl with wl more than 10.

Am WL 35 in general category. Do i stand any chance?

Its just an observation from PG posts only. That the ratio of converts to WLs is almost 1:2. It gives me an indication that there will not be many buffer calls. So we can hope there will be significant WL movement.


Me too in waitlist.

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Hi all,

Just now i called up admissions office and they said its fine if we send un-attested copies of the certificates. They said they'll consider this because anyways we'll need to carry out originals at the time of interview.


I second your opinion dude. Even my slot was on 5th dec and i did not find QA very difficult. I had attempeted around 20 questions in 1 hour and my percentile is 82 with 68 marks.

In all my previous CATs i never got a percentile less than 97 in QA and this time i am missing the boat only because of it.

I seriously think something is wrong with the normalization process.

We should definitely file an RTI petition to know how this normalization is carried out.

CAT 2009 : Dec 6th(evening slot)
QA : 65/150 (78.08%ile), DI : 76/150 (90.94) , VA : 78/150 (97.88
Overall : 219/450 (94.89%ile)

No of attempts : QA:16 , DI : 14+ , VA : 16+

This result is totally unacceptable to me especially in Quants as I am pretty sure I had got at least 15 correct and that can't drill down to 78%ile,and in DI as well which has been my strength in all previous CATs and mocks(TIME):
CAT 2007(DI): 95.64 , CAT(2008 : 95.86

Other Exams and Scores:
CAT 2008 : 93.39(85+ sectionals) , XAT 2010 : 93(85+ sectionals) , JMET 2010: All IIT calls

This is my third MBA season and the way I attempted CAT I was sure of cracking it this time,I never scored less than 90 in Aimcats, this whole process is flawed and the normalisation/equivalence process is also deeply
mismanaged the same way CAT was this time.Any process which is flawed or contains inefficiencies from the beginning and is mismanaged coupled with arrogance to acknowledge failure is doomed to fail and attracts subsequent corrective action.

It is in this spirit that I say that it is time for us to stand for our rights today,to stand for justice,for equality,for our dreams,and also for the erstwhile esteemed CAT which we used to admire so much.

I am going to file an RTI as well as legal recourse because this CAT needs to be cancelled as rightly pointed out by DEVILISHANGEL and others that it is very hard to normalise such an exam.I ask for all your support,help and good wishes.I am from Ranchi and will file a case in Jharkhand High Court to establish proper equivalence from some other independent agency and would claim for a revised result,anybody from Ranchi or Jharkhand may PM me,let us finally group once more because it is not the question of getting 90,95,80,85 or 70 or 100 percentile, it is a question of getting WHAT WE DESERVE...Whatever it is!

Thank You,
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Heartiest congratulation to all with an admit.
I was also interviewed on 5th dec at Bangalore and still awaiting a reply. Not sure whether this no news is bad news :).
Anyone else in the same boat?


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Hi Manish,

Firstly take a break (atleast a few weeks) before you regroup and strategize what needs to be done.

If you look at most schools (I just picked up Kelly Full-Time MBA Program: Kelley School of Business: Indiana University Bloomington) you will realize that a 660 will end up in the bottom 20-40% of the intake. If you use your IIM background that means you will be certainly in the bottom 10-20% of Indian applicants. My question to you is - is it worth it? I mean you are better off taking it again (I know right now in a choice between picking up OG and shooting yourself in the brain - the latter would be a clear favorite).

My honest suggestion - have a cold beer and catch up on some movies. In a few weeks from now things should settle down and you will have an answer yourself.


Thanks Arun for the response. It already was my second attempt at GMAT and i really don't have much energy and confidence left in me to take it again.:
I'll look for some other courses, may be in India or somewhere else, which will add some value to my profile. Do you some info regarding this?

Thanks again for the response.


Hi Guys,

Just gave my GMAT on 3rd september and scored an extremely poor 660 (49, 32) considering the fact that last year i had the same score (50,27) without much perparation. Even this time when i started preparation i started with 660 in Gmatprep1 but improved there on subsequently.
My test scores were as follows and i took the tests in same order as mentioned below:
GMAT Prep1 : 660
MGMAT1 - 690
MGMAT2 - 690
MGMAT3 - 730
MGMAT4 - 730
MGMAT5 - 740
MGMAT6 - 750
Kaplan1 - 680
GMAT prep2 - 750 (51,41)

Even I dont know where I went wrong. I cant even think of retaking the exam.
I can't explain the agony i am going through now. I was determined to join a decent MBA college for fall 2010. Some of my friends are suggesting even with this score i should apply (Obviously, not in top 20 or 25 colleges).
I am confused big time. Should i go ahead and apply to some of the colleges or should i forget that MBA is my cup of tea or that i am not destined to get an MBA.
I have decent academics (87% in engg, among top3 students throughout academic career, 4 yrs exp in IT industry in Infy, Oracle, with avg extra-curriculars).
Whats your suggestion guys? What should i do? Sometimes i feel giving a full hearted try and apply. I had thought of applying to following colleges :
1. NTU
2. WP carey
3. Kelley
4. Fisher
5. Krannert (Purdue)
But again the next moment i feel that with such a poor score and such an ordinary profile (Male, India, IT), Adcoms wont even have a second look on my profile.

Whats your say guys?