• Manik Ghosh
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Hi Guys , It is time , that we take up this mantle for attempting at ISB in 2013 , I am not a very studious person , but i am serious about it . Hoping to gain from others experience .

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sm here , would be targeting gmat ard the same time

KarmaYogi Says
Its a competitive profile.... OG shud be d place where u can start ur GMAT journey.....

What is OG

Dear Srini ,
Would it be better , if we take the online correspondance , or should we go for books , & also what is OG

Saurabh , Mariner , & all other ATB

Hi Everyone , I am starting from scratch , pls guide me in my quest for ISB ,2012.

Hi, Rama, Srini, parul , Anupama,

Grt to see all of you working hard on this , I think Manhattan , along with the off guide , wwould be reqd .

Hi , This is Manik , a dreamer , who wants to see Paris , with a passion for Soccer, & aiming for INSEAD.