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Tum ko dekha to mohabbat bhi samajh mein ayi,

Warna is lafz ki tareef suna kartey they.. hum...

Nysa Singh @Nysa_Singh
If nobody hates you, you're doing something boring....
Akhilesh Kumar @akhilesh2win
It's not weird to talk to yourself, it's just weird when someone else hears you talking to yourself..

Came across with this one, and like to share it:

"Waqt Do Hi Mushkil Guzre Hain Duniya Me,

Ek Tere Aane Se Pehle, Ek Tere Jane Ke Baad...!!"

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One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. : Kung Fu Panda
question for the day :-
April 24, 2012.

mention a recently visited beautiful place or destination.
pics would make this question's answer more interesting. :D
also share what did you like about that place.

hope this is not a boring question.

No, its nt a boring question. Infact I found it really interresting:)

My most recent visit was one year ago.... (yes even I cant believe it, one year and no vacation)

We went to Jaipur, the view of aravalis is awesome... and the palaces there... from there, ajmer and pushkar...
But above all, the view of the city jaipur is just great. From certain height, one can easily have the view of the city surrounded by mountains and there is jal mahal in between... It was wonderful experience...:cheerio:

PS: Well, going lucknow tomorrow, the year long wait finally come to an end
baba re baba !! no questions and 11 bajne waale hai .. lemme do the honors

Q. for 23rd April

Which was the game which u loved to play the most during ur childhood days ? and did u get hurt while playing ?
If yes ( i know everyone will say yes :biggrin: ) do tell us the situation ..

I used to play alot with friends and cousins.... after all thats the best part of childhood:clap:

We used to play hide n seek
unch-nich ka papda

and the list goes on....
bt didnt remember if I get hurt... I think thats because of my bad memory:banghead::banghead:
(need to work on it)

Question Of the Day :
  1. How would you like to be remembered? :D

someone who can bring a smile:biggrin:
Question for April 21st,2012
The greatest lesson life has taught you till date???:)

1. Never let yourself feel down. There are times when we all feel low, but overpass it as quickly as possible.

2. Laugh often. It refreshes your mind. (There is a diff between laugh and smile )

3. Life is not always fair, but thinking about it is not your job, just do your part.