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@Jamiroquai and others: It would be great if you could help me out with this:

I am a Chartered Accountant (cleared all exams in first attempt). I have a background of having worked in the field of debt syndication for corporate clients for a year now. Now I have got a call from IIM Kozhikode.

I wish to pursue my career in IB. From what you have posted, Front end Investment Banking is something difficult to land up into from anything except IIM A/B/C and XLRI through campus recruitment. So now I have 2 questions:

1. Will doing my MBA and spending 2 years at IIMK have any value addition to my prospects of getting into an Investment Bank?
2. With my CA background can i expect IBs in IIMK campus recruitments to make exceptions and offer Front end role(s)?

ananygoel Says
thank u rahul for sharing.....also i wd like to knw 1 thing tht r courses like CFA/NCFM necessary aftr CA or did u do these for adding value to ur profile??...i feel the reason for my rejection is coz i am workng in a small CA firm so might hv scored less in the profile against many othr applicants who r workng in big listed cos....wat do u think coz my PI was very gud

Unlike rahul, I'm working in a mid size firm. So it is possible you and I may have scored pretty much the same on profile front. However the difference between mine and rahul's acads ends there. Other than that, mine and rahul's profile are pretty much the same: Cleared in first attempt, merit ranker in 12th, etc...
You should definitely take another shot at cat. I really doubt if your profile was held against you!

Hard luck yaar.....I have one year work ex in an auditing company in pursuing CFA & FRM as well...had good acads throughout....CA first attempt, Class XII merit rank...etc...
i would advise u to give CAT another shot....the CA tag will still help u get noticed....who knows with the dynamic selection procedures that the IIMs have...u might get into IIM A/B/C next year.....
All the very best !!!

It's like seeing a mirror image with that profile. Do drop me a pm with your number. Let's get in touch!
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Converted !!!
My first and only IIM interview at 94.38 percentile....feel my Chartered Accountant degree has helped me get through....on SPJIMR waitlist as well......joining in all probability....

Ah! A fellow chartered accountant in the house! I won't be the lone CA after all!

My first and only IIM call (except the 6 new ones and Shillong) ! Interview lasted for just 5-8 minutes. And yep I'm IN!!!

Converted 100%. Accepting 99.99%!

Must... Stay... Away... From... Keyboard....
I'm gonna be late for office today for sure!

My Score:
QA: 80.73

VA: 99.95

Overall: 98.60

Past acads: 10th 87.2%
12th (Commerce) 88.33 (12th Rank merit list)
Grad: 83%
I am a Chartered Accountant cleared all exams in first attempt + 9mnths W.E.
I wonder if it will help me get through till GD/PI! Any idea folks??

QA/DI: 80.43 (unexpectedly low)
VA/LR: 99.95 (unexpectedly high)
OA: 98.60 (mehhh..) :lookround:

Does anyone know what the SP Jain cutoffs were last year??? Will i get through with such skewed score???

I am a Chartered Accountant with good acads. (Rankholder in HSC state exam)

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When are the time answer keys coming out???

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