• Maneesh Agarwal
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32, 29, 29...... total 90/100.... confused whether shud join or not

any1 from kolkata wanna file PIL??? am gonna file soon.... plz contact me at 9748200380. my name is maneesh agarwal

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hey guys.... my name is MANEESH AGARWAL.... and my number is 9748200380..... i am going to file a PIL in KOLKATA high court.... anybody from kolkata plz give me ur name and number..... the more the better

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hi.... this as maneesh agarwal from kolkata.... i got 2 more frenz who wanna support this cause.... tania das and rizwan ujjaman.... am texting you their numbers.... plz check

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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
While many partied all through yesterday after getting their CAT results, a few closed themselves to the world, trying to find an answer to just one question what did I do wrong? These were those who expected to do well
Maneesh Agarwal @maneeshagarwl

guys..... individually we might b small.... but 2gether we can make a difference..... if we can spend 20000-50000 in coaching and forms, we can surely spend another few bucks to fight the biggest injustice done to us ever.... if we all unite and contribute, we can hire best lawyers and fight..... WAT SAY GUYS?