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Thank you so much people. It was quite a colorful birthday wish on the forum.


Fokyboy, the best thing to do is to speak to your Dean. Tell him/her your problem and see if the Dean can help you. Otherwise you may have to pay the fine.

Glad to be back uRmad!

Take it easy policy,

Better stick to the deadlines folks. IBS is very particular about them. My batch folks had a few sleepless nights thanks to missing deadlines. Speak to the Dean (as UrMad pointed out)incase there is some reason for not meeting the due dates.

How about 15th? No exams or college or anything else!!! Wot Say?


Hey all,
Nice to see such a huge response!! Unfortunately for me, 26th is not good, cos i would have my exams starting 27th and get over on the 31st!! So thats a bummer!! How about the 1st of Feb? A central location is a good idea, and then you could decide where to head. Corner house would be a bit crowded and cramped. How about the corner house outlet on Airport Road? Its pretty huge and the building is also pretty nice. Its not too far from MG's or Koramangala for that matter. JavaCity in Mota Arcade is a nice place too.

What say people?


Yes, this term flew by so fast, i had barely enough time to catch up. And add to this, our syllabus was hardly completed especially in MA, where we found out on wednesday that our syllabus was increased by two more chapters.

All the best fellas,

Hi all,
Thanks very much for the birthday wishes. It was a great day, filled with classes and tests!! Backbreaking is right!! Got exams starting monday, so no party until next week. Bwaaah.

Thanks again,

Hi guys,
I had gone to Indore to represent IBS-Bangalore in a management game conducted by AIMA. I just got back. We were 20 folks from IBS-B divided in 5 teams of 4 each. Ours was a pure junior team. We did fairly well and came to 2nd position from last, but unfortunately only the teams that came first (different groups - A,B,C,D) will get to go to the finals to be held in New Delhi on October 10. From the central zone, IBS-Mumbai qualified. I am sure we would win the next time!! Got to learn a bit of finance, costing and operations. Should help in term 2.

Apart from that, my Economics paper went badly cos my teacher said that there would hardly be any stuff from post mid-terms and i studied all of the micro-economics and got my ass screwed!!! Needless to say, i was banking on an A in this paper to have a fighting chance of retaining my scholarship. But that seems to have been gone and i hope that only a miracle will save me.

How were hols? How is the new term coming along? Must be pretty hectic now cos there are 6 subjects along with Soft skills classes.


Hey Ankita,
What kind of information are you looking for? Its kinda tough to tell all here, but if you could tell us what specifically you are looking for, then it would be easier for all of us to post here!


Hey Anirban,
The dean of your center was at our center last week! He addressed all the students who belong to the north east part of India. He offered to have their fees reduced by Rs 50,000 and promised full assistance in finding a job in Kolkata. I dont know of anyone who may have taken him up on the offer!!!

As far as the results go, i have done worse than ever in my entire life! I was soo embarassed to see those marks. There goes my scholarship!!

Any news about the syllabus change? I hear the number of electives and the like would be changed and that specialization starts from 2nd year and not from 2nd term. Do any of you know about this?