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The results are now out!
Admission status: IIMA

All the best

pagalguy Says
Please read the methodology again. All the points you have raised have been answered there :)

Thanks PG... guess I should have read that first!
Anyways - I publicly apologise for my last post... am now sure that this survey will come out with far cleaner results!


Really nice effort for PG for trying to come up with a fair ranking - however I found the whole survey to be very biased & flawed. I had some observations -

1. Some B schools appear many times, while some appear only once. Thus the ones appearing for less times have bright chances to go down lower in the ranking. All Bschools should have equal number of appearances in the survey

2. Some B schools are totally missing - for example IIMA.... is IIMA above all rankings??

3. Some first rung B schools are only compared against third rung b schools!!!

These are my few cents.... this might have been discussed before, but I frankly was not able to read all posts (please pardon me for that)!

Graons are expected & welcome for this post!

MBA of the 2006 Batch

Thanks all for the wishes!! am really touched to see people still remembering me after so long!!!

Thanx Saikat for the lovely thread!!

Got married to Shilpa a week back & enjoying our looooong vacation together...

The wedding was attended by another puy - Kapil (sid_sid)

will post some pics of the wedding soon (relax saikat - dont haunt me by calling again for the pics)!

Thanx Again!


Hey Gopal

Congrats for 1500 posts!!

But don't u think this thread serves this purpose already -->

Bryan Adams Says
is it a dating website promoted by Pagalguy kya ????

u still alive????
Now this is a nasty one from my side.... during the PG meet - Neetu & ROS (Goraf / Gaurav) were promoting a new website of their own -

Don't believe me??? See it for urself!!

Take lite & enjoi

ringsofsaturn Says
Have made u groanless now from my side

Thaanku dost.... hope no one "threatened" you to do the same

waise, as shakespeare says, two negatives makes one positive & two lips make one kiss.... pagal + fools' day = somewhat sane person.... thus it made all the more sense to believe me on fools' day!
fire_kris Says
and last but not the least nice to meet all the oldies and hoping mandevian can provide us all with a free airtel connection which has a monthly allowance is 10,000 bucks... achcha 10K na ho to 5 K chalega... take it seriously... agali meet tak in connections ka prabandh to ho hi jayega


yeh sab kya kab kahan???
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