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Hello Rutty,

I would like to know whether SP Jain Global School of Management is "constituted under an Act of Parliament or approved by AICTE".

Many thanks in advance.


Currently the percentage of non-Indian students is very low. But we do have Indians from all over the world. Also, this year a tremendous effort is being put in to attract students from other nationalities. We believe that these efforts will bear fruit from the April 12 cohort onwards. For the BBA program such efforts have resulted in getting students from 22 countries across all continents

Thanks Rutty, much appreciated.

Hi Rutty,

Could you give an idea regarding the cultural diversity? what is the percentage of non-indian students?

Thank you.

Hi Rutty!

The total number of credits in this page does not add up. Could you please clarify the same?

S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney - Global MBA Program


Ujjwal how do would you quantify ROI?

Hi Rutty!

The recent update on the website as far as placements is concerned was a big help. Thank you.

Would it be possible for you to list some of the companies that participated in the placement process please, especially marketing.


HI Rutty,

I would really appreciate it if you could please take the time out to respond to GMBA2012's post. He has raised some pretty valid questions in my opinion.

Also, I do understand that you have reached out to the placement cell for information regarding the current batch's stats on the request of an email from a poster here. Would it be possible for you to share those details with us on this forum?

Lastly, could you please list all the non-IT organizations that come into SP Jain to pick up marketing students. I honestly feel that the list of Corporate partners listed on the website against Marketing is a bit misleading, please feel free to dispel these notions though.

Many thanks for your time!


HI Guys,

I needed some quick advice, I am looking at applying to SIBM next year and I wanted to understand the different parameters that an NRI candidate is judged on. How much does your performance in SNAP matter?
As well as things like academic background and work-ex etc. I would appreciate a heads up on these matters.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi all,
I always knew that pagalguy was one of the best forums for aspirants of MBA schools in India; however, I wasn't aware, until yesterday, of its utility for international B-schools as well. Anyhow, my bad, never got down to checking the website before submitting any of my apps or preparing for any of my interviews - it would have surely been useful. Now that I'm done with the apps and have got a few admits, I just wanted some advice from the junta:
Since this year was my 'Target Asia-Pac Year', I applied to a few Asian B-schools: got dinged from ISB and NTU after an interview (was unwell and could hardly speak :P) but managed to get through CEIBS, CUHK, HULT, and NUS.
I have four years experience in the market/business research & analytics industry and plan to specialise in strategy for a consult-based job. Although my CFA can make life a wee bit easy if I decide to specialise in Fin, but somehow down the line, I've realised mainstream/core Fin. is not me - although, I'll be more than happy with bits and pieces of Corp. Fin. and M&A; Advisory. Not keen on working outside India in the long-term, i.e., more than five years.
Therefore, with some preliminary due diligence, I've boiled down to the following conclusion and would highly appreciated if yu puys could let me know your thoughts on this.
CEIBS: A highly ranked school (across all B-school rankings) with good post-MBA salary figures, good for consulting too; however, I have this feeling that the figures are a bit skewed and applicable moreso in the case of Chinese students. Mandarin remains a perennial concern and a lot of people have told me acquiring business proficiency in Mandarin takes years, forget reading and/or writing. The very pleasant people on my interview panel scared me further by stressing 'a lot' on the importance on knowing Mandarin before even dreaming of getting a job after the MBA program!! The cost of living is a bit lower than in both Singapore and Hong Kong; but, of the three locations, may not be the best for a desi.
CUHK: A very good school with a wide CUMBA alumini network in Mainland and around; its location in HK makes it particularly interesting for the people interested in Fin - but, as I mentioned earlier, I'm not bullish on Fin. Cost of living is higher than in both Shanghai and Singapore. However, a scholarship worth HKD 100,000 makes it even more difficult to turn down!!
HULT: Not considering, to say the least
NUS: I guess the best (of the choices that I have) in terms of brand value, alumini network in Asia (recruiters in India know about NUS), decent multicultural place to live in with India-friendly work/visa/immigration rules, and Singapore, being the Asia-Pac headquarters for most major consulting firms, is a good hunting ground for a consulting role. I'm almost certain that I'll go with NUS but just wanted to confirm, and confirm soon!!
Any thoughts will be highly appreciated.
Also, please note, everything in this post are just my thoughts and are in no way intended to offend anyone or any school.

Congratulations on getting admits to all these schools! You have quite the decision to make now. :)

Could you happen to share your profile please? It would be a help.

Thanks in advance and congratulations once again.
Hi Mancunian,

GMAT:- 630
Domain:- IT FS/Investment Banking
Exp:- 3.5years (9 months in india, Remaining Singapore), unemployed since june 2010 due to personal reason.
Extra curr:- good

What about ur profile.?

My profile:-
GMAT - 660
DOmain - IT industry
Exp - 3.2 years
Extra curr - avg.

How did your interview go?