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Congratulations to all I converters. Get ready to have two best years of your life at planet I.

Plz join the group Ignore if its already been posted.


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@Vaguefunda, yogesh,

I dont understand your uncanny attitude of shrugging off any woe(s) of other posters as one-off/unlucky and going on speaking lengths about how perfect everything is here. You easily termed kool's issue of broken latches of bathrooms/toilets as specific to one. What if I say that there are more than one broken latces, go ahead and claim that its only for those 2/3 bathrooms and that we shouldnt generalize it.

Talking about cleanliness, taking on from oxymoron's point which you again did what you've been doing here, the rooms are dirty. My room had so much dirt that I kept sneezing for 15 minutes I entered first time. Now, the sweepers, when asked to clean the rooms, they politely say the brooms are kept at a place, take it and clean yourself. I dont mind you claiming that one person might be rude and again, we shouldnt generalize it.

Please understand that the way (facilities-wise) you are treated is not the same as interns. And we are not here to compare X vs Y institute. Everybody knows that B is a class in itself. And nobody is vella enough just to find the faults in other institute. (I dont know about DG:) though, havent read his posts.) The problems that we face are genuine. If there is a problem with infrastructure, there are no two ways about it. And I dont see any reason why you all are justifying it even though you are not staying here now. Even the thread title says infrastructure woes and NOT me Vs you.

You are totally justified defending your institute. But please dont go overboard and term each and every issue as frivolous. I also have been experiencing the same but dont have any issues since I was already aware of the infrastructure in all the IIMs. The campus is, no doubt, lush green and beautiful. But its natural in human nature to point out only the problems only.


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We ve already had two AIPGMs in Mumbai. Agreed that the max. junta is in Mumbai, but going by that logic, we cant keep AIPGMs everytime in Mumbai. There would be more or less the same faces if you keep the meet in Mumbai. Lets have it at Bangalore this time. There will be a comparable number if not more.

Anyway, its just my opinion. Mumbai junta might have reservations to that.

About Venue:

About Date:


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Hey puys,

I want to know what institutes dont have eligibility criteria of 50% in graduation .
Pardon my ignorance.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi puys

mail ur registration number, date of birth and ur contact e-mail ids to for getting yourself registered for IIM Indore's mentorship program. Also tell about this program and mail id to you friends who have calls from that they can also register themselves.... :smile:

ps-: this is completely students initiatives and institute's administration is no way involved in it.. :smile:

Tarun, refer to previous posts in this thread to know about the questions for your kind of profile. They can ask any kind of questions- work-ex, acads, general awareness and/or interests, but one thing for sure is they do ask about acads. So be thorough with that especially in ones you scored less.

Venkat, your CAT percentile doesnt matter for your final convert. I had also mentioned in one of my previous posts that extremely high percentile might have a little edge but lower scores are never at any disadvantage. After they ve given a call, only your performance in GD/PI matters.

All the best.


hey guys,
first of all thanks for this thread. i have calls form C, I and K. my profile -

10th - 83% (CBSE)
12th - 89.4%(CBSE)
Electrical & Electronics engineering - 74.4%(Anna University)


13 months with Infosys, working in a production support project. shifting to relativity technologies(a much smaller company) now, as a product support engineer(role with more responsibilities).

1. to what extent does the brand name of your company matter? will my shift to a lesser known company be seen as a disadvantage?
2. is there someone here from anna university who can let me know if my acads in coll will be a prob?
3. approximately how many interviews are conducted in one day, by iimi?

2) Usually acads aren't much of a problem. But u should be able to justify what u got less if your marks are less according to anna university.

Anyway, I have pm'ed u email address of my batchmate who is from anna univ. and has 22 months work-ex in Infy.
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Try thinking what you want to be, where you want to see yourself after say 10-15 years.
And then, see where MBA fits in, how it ll help you to get closer to your career goal.

Few things that an MBA degree provides.
- Knowledge and skills required to be a good manager. What things were learnt by great entrepreuners like NRN, Dhirubhai to build business giants in a long time, MBA teaches those skills and the right strategies in the span of 2 years.
- It provides a platform with a plethora of career options to choose one of your choice and take a headstart on the path to your goal/aim.
- There is a ceiling till where you can reach in your current career with your current qualifications. MBA increases the level of that ceiling. The ceiling then obviously depends on your incapabilities.

This question is very important and it strikes almost each and every MBA aspirant. Off the cuff, money is usually the foremost reason to do MBA but MBA is more than that. Do a little introspection, it ll help not only for answers to these questions but also if MBA ll actually help you or not. There are people who realize while/after doing MBA that this wasnt their cup of tea. I am sure you dont want to be one of them.

Dont worry if you dont get an answer easily. No need to get frustrated. The better it is for your own good, the more you think about this very question.

Adios n all the best.

Seniors cud u plzzz give me the tentative dates fr Indore GD PI in delhi...i wrk in chennai ....d have to plan in adavance abt evthing .....takin a leave etc.....

also seniors wd u advise a wrkin professional like me to take a 15-20 day break from wrk...n prepaer ....recall things abt hobbies....cuz u knw wat a software job evday makes u like.......u dnt rm nething?

Please answer both the queries...

Thxx in advance

We dont have that information. You ll be getting the call letters very soon. If you still have any queries, call up admissions office (no. is in CAT brochure) and tell them about your problem.

Last year IIMI gd/pi took place from Feb to March. I gave mine in Bangalore and people had their gd/pi from feb-beginning to March end.

About taking leave from work, it depends on you whether you are comfortable in taking gd/pi or not. I personally feel if you are preparing regularly, that is, your work is allowing you to squeeze 2-3 hours daily to prepare, then you can do away with just 2-3 holidays before the interview. But there are many of my batchmates who did take 10-15 holidays before the interviews.

All the best.

Puneet, you have lots to highlight in your PI. Highlight anything with which you are more comfortable. They really appreciate if you have something different from rest of the junta and you do have:).

About the questions, be thorough with your work-ex and acads of both degrees since your work-ex is not of a long duration. Also, there is high probability of the question why MBA after a dual degree, And general knowledge related to your extra-currics.

Finally, I would again like to stress that you can be asked anything in your interview. Be prepared for all kinds of situations. Read the other posts in the thread to know more about the quetions in the interview.

All the best.

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