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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
After tea and a heavy breakfast, he leaves home to attend to his first appointment for the day. After putting in his first hour for the day, he bids his first client goodbye, secretly hoping that the client would hand hi

Great Article...with some wonderful insights and implications for budding managers!! now we know, if recession arrives then Visiting faculty is one job that an MBA lad can take up..:))

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad's Two-Campus programme seems to be attracting more bad vibes than good. Students of IMT's full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses who spoke to

why so greedy? where are the values? why not bring in HRD into this?

Notification OUT...entrances for MIB & MHROD programmes of Dept of Commerce DSE are under CAT now. And the advertisement for the same waspublished in national dailies on 19/09/10.

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Hi Himanshu...welcome to PG:)

assignments are inevitable part of any professional course like MBA....wud suggest u to join the mib-mhrod grp on facebook...and get started wid ur pre joining mhrod seniors have already released them!!!

here's the grp link...

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Name: Manav Arora
College Name : Delhi School of Economics(MIB)
Specialization : Will select marketing, finance,gen. mgmt. or IB in due course of MIB(Masters in International Business) is a super specialized course which focusses on International aspects of marketing, finance, and general management and ofcourse, IB(import export).

final converts: DSE, IMI, KJ Somaiya, Fore, NMIMS(Banking), and IMT-N:)
Calls: SIBM-P, SCMHRD, NMIMS, IMT, IMI, KJ Somaiya, Fore.


Just Returned from the Fresher- Senior Meet....
so posting my experience here...

Well the meet venue as is known was in front of the Plaza cinema...

I reached at dot 4pm...had to bear the heat for 20 mins after which came Vikhyat...then Mayank(S,Senior) arrived with Rahul(S).....
we headed off to ccd, b block, cp.....then others frm 2011 batch came, in the sequence Mansi-> Jaideep -> Amit(nice shades dude).

the discussion was cool as we headed with our cool drinks...mine was cafe mocha :)
we discussed loads of things abt MBA in general, what DSE MIB is all abt...didn't discussed MHROD as none was present frm the same....some seniors frm the same were cmng bt didn't as nobody frm HR was coming!!!

After a nice ccd xprnce....we all went to bikanerwala,cp...where Prerna,Anuj,Atul joined us to help us better understand what shall be in store for us....

all in all it was a Great Meet...
A big thanks to all the seniors who really made the evening Rocking with their humuor and masti...

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To all the newbies and for general Information:

There is a Pre Orientation Meet or fresher senior meet today,

TIME: 1600-1900 hrs
LOCATION: in front of Plaza Cinema, Connaught Place(CP).

we can then move to some food joint after all the ppl have gathered.
also my contact number is 9871602940.

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Yaar CP me kya karoge?? sab jagah construction chal rha hai....!!
Y not Netaji Subhash Place??
I'm ok with watever u guys decide.......!!

jaideep even I was thinking the then the only respite from the same is that its the most convenient place to reach....though we might not be able to roam around in cp but then we could proceed towards CCD or Bercos etc....

bt lets decide on the location by 6 pm today!
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abhi040386 Says
does dse follow a 6 days a week pattern and what are the timings generally like???

abhi, from what I have heard is that no classes on wednesday & sunday...
and classes on saturdays instead of wednesday.
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for the puys, who have recently taken admission and are still unaware of the Meet that is to be happening on 20th June in Delhi-->> In case you are willing to come, then please add your name and status to the list.

friends, lets fix the location and Time for the Sunday's Meet.

please pour in ur valuable suggestions for time & all...

my 2 cents on time and location:
Time 1600-1900 hours
Location In front of Plaza Cinema

nobody from MHROD has confirmed his/her status:shocked:

pl invite seniors for the meet if you know any of them....

The list as of now:-
1) Manav Arora /MIB / 2012 (confirmed)

2) Jaideep Yadav / MIB / 2012 (confirmed)

3) Amit Akshay /MIB/2012 (confirmed)

4) Sharique Anwar /MIB/2012 (confirmed)

5) Mohammad Tariq /MIB/2012 (confirmed)

6) Iti Chaudhary / MIB/2012 (confirmed)

7) Nibish Chandra Baghel / MIB/2012 (confirmed)

vishal singla/MIB/2012(CONFIRMED)

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