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"If you write in a bad way, never think about lyrics, John. Songs require something more," Jane remarked.

OnniClue: His hobby, which he pursued when he was not beating people up in a ring, was cooking.

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock Says!

Non-Comedy Favorites:

Dil Chahta Hai

Rang De Basanti


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Kehana Hai from Padossan!

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I received a call today for MBA Banking!

Can anyone give me some information regarding MBA Banking @ NMIMS? Atleast those who have already decided to join the course!

How different is the course from General MBA?

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Khudaya Ve - Luck

Beautiful song!

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Andaz Apna Apna - Always tops my list


Golmaal (By Hrishikesh Mukherjee)

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Onni-kal:Ball and bat do not always do the magic.
Onniclue :White Lightning

That was way too easy man because of the onniclue! Infact your onni-kal itself included Cricket!
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apan08 Says
I got an offer letter through mail today and was really surprised. Actually was not in the first wait list so never bothered to check after that. Now i saw myself at the 48th place on 3rd waiting list. What I am surprised at is the fact that there were 200 in the first wait list, 100 in the 2nd wait list and i was at 48 in the 3rd wait list. That means nearly 350 students rejected SIBM-B offer before I got it. I see SIBM-B placed at 26th ranking on PagalGuy 2010 rankings above GIM, TAPMI, ICFAI, NIRMA, Loyola and Welingkar. Is the waitlist moment similar in all these institutes or is SIBM-B really not better than all these colleges and there is some manipulation in the Rankings. Anyways I am not interested in taking admission in SIBM-B. Was just intrigued therefore posted. Guys who are after me in the waitlist do have a good chance so hang on.

122 in the first merit list
200 in the first wait list
100 in the second wait list
48th person has been offered admission in the third wait list

In short 470 people have been offered admission for 120 odd seats till now! That's a big number for a college ranked 26th on Pagalguy!

Probably the high fees is playing the spoiled sport here, also some lack of information regarding the Final placements.

Let's hope the college justifies its ranking in the long run!

Congrats to those who have converted SIBM-B! And all the best to the wait listed people.

P.S. - I was keen to take admission in SIBM-B, but the lack of clarity regarding placements and the high fees for a reasonably new college, were the reasons i chose not to!

Yes, most of the people from Delhi will be looking forward to carpools, but that can only be decided once we get to know of our sections and class timings!

With not much time left for college to start, what are u guys upto?

All Set?

You can check out this link if you don't believe that RIL's low was 840 today!

Reliance Industries Stock Price, Reliance F&O; Quotes Bids Offers