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I have 2 doubts:

1. While filling the application form do we have 2 upload scanned copies of our marksheets??

2. And while sending the application form do we hav 2 send attested copies of the marksheets.

Plzzz help!!!

hey puys i have a doubt dat while u print the challan at d bottom of the challan in d instructions to the candidates column there's a point that says that "Please fill separate challan for each course. Select only one code & one course per challan". Can anyone enlighten me on dis??

Has anybody got the bus coupons those who paid online?
What are we going to show them as proof that we had paid for them online?

dude there is no bus coupons as such..
the only thing which u gotta do is just take the print-out of the confirmation mail whose link is present at the bottom of the page. This print-out will act as ur so called "bus coupon"!;):clap:
Our program does start from June !
The last date to apply is 28th feb ,so if you will wait for feb mat's result it will be late!!
Your acads record is pretty decent !!

Hey richa first of all thnks a lot 4 ur active participation in this thread.
I would like to know that during the PI wat shall I expect frm the interviewer?
Is the PI going 2 be a very grilling one?

Plzzz help me in this..

Thnxx in Advance..
Is christ UGC Approved???
Moreover can I apply to the second round of interview in christ through Dec 2009 MAT score??
I have secured 80.35%ile in Dec MAT score.
Plzzz help!!!
Thnks in Advance!!

can we apply to second round of interview of christ through Dec 2009 MAT score??

plzzz help....

How many such pairs of letters are there in the word DONATIVE; each of which have as many letters
between them in the word, as they have in English alphabet?
(1) None (2) One (3) Two (4) Three (5) More than three

Explain the procedure also plzzzz

Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not
belong to the group?
(1) Tin (2) Gold (3) Brass (4) Copper (5) Silver

I know the answer is c bt i wanna know In which way it is different

answer will be (5)all follows
i don't know,that whether it is mandatory to know venn diagram or not???but i use a common trick for these kinda prob.s i had mentioned it in one of my previous posts.anyways i am telling u again,it is given that
some books are novels.all novels are stories
all stories are fictions. No fiction is poem
it is given that all stories are,if you replace fiction wid stories in d last sentence,you get d 1st option,i.e no story is poem.
Again,it is given that, all novels are if you replace stories wid novels in d 3rd sentence,you get the 2nd option i.e all novels are fictions
lastly,it i given that some books are novels. All novels are stories.that means some books are again in the 3rd sentence it is given that all stories are fictions,so from here we easily get the 3rd option i.e
some books are fictions
hence all the 3 options (5) is the correct answer.
.hope this helps.

in what sequence r u considering the statements?? Could you plzzz enlighten me..
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Well all apples are oranges,doesn't necessarily mean,all oranges are also apples.It may or may not be true.This type of problems,can be solved very easily wid d help of Venn diagram,if you draw the diagram,it will be very easy for u 2 solve d problem.Also for this particular problem,you can use another trick
As it is given that

All apples are oranges Some oranges are papayas
so while solving if you replace apples wid oranges in the 2nd sentence,you will get
Some apples are papayas & that easily solves the problem.
Hope this helps

Choose: (A) for your answer if only inference I follows;
(B) for your answer if only inference Ii follows;
(C) for your answer if both I and II follow; and
(D) for your answer if neither I nor II allows.

All cats are dogs. Some dogs are rats.
(I) Some rats are dogs. (II) Some dogs are rats

give a method in general 2 solve these types of problem plzzzz