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i m done with my MBA in Retailing.... got a nice slap on face by recession... no job in retail for me then...... Still, I want to be a VM in a company..... I heard of a course VMCC in MICA.... does anybody have an idea about this??? wht are other courses focussed on VM & Store Design that I can know of...


welll...first of all, nice to see the thread active...... i was off the grid for long.... so guys any news abt convo..... I will be coming to college this Friday.... Hope to meet new ppl there....

@razabpn: met ur friend Krushna at TCS... nice to physically meet a super-senior.... nice guy!

Hi All,

I wanted to know more about VMCC course in MICA, Ahmedabad. The website does not provide any important info regarding the placements or how old this course is??????

Also, can someone give inside info abt the course? Quality of teaching? Scope (realisitic)? and Placements????

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Hey Seniors..............

nobody is replying me?????????
I repeat...

I am Prabhjot Singh Ghuman from Chandigarh. I have got offer letter of IBA Bangalore but not the prospectus yet. I have some querries as there is no sufficient information provided on IBA website.

Is there any dress-code for students? formals or sm uniform?
What is the configuration of laptop provided by the institute? Is it compulsory to get laptop from institute even though I already have it?
What kind of hostel room option would be better for me? wat facilities are provided in a hostel room n wat i hav to arrange myself?
Is there a well equipped gym?
How are the surroundings of the institute?
can i keep a bike in the hostel?

i can c that the list is so long....... but it would b so kind if u solve my querries...

My dear Friend,

1. Dress Code is thr and u can be fined at tmes for not being in it .....
2. Lappy config is not too high or too low.... abt self-lappy u wil have to ask the admin
3. All the details abt hostel can be understood frm the brochure u will get later..... u r supposed to take Double Occupancy / Triple .... no Single
4. Gym is well-equipped and many of us have got big with regular gymming...
5. Insti is far off frm city.... it has its own advantages / disadv....... check the forum for that.
6. U can keep and use bikes here...... no issue... college has good parking space close to security!!

Other queries post them on the new thread of ur batch
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Dude no offences meant.... to tell u the truth u hav to start livin with it..
U cannot jus get hyper..... i welcome u to the college and u shld experience the life out here..... u cannot say the stmt every1 makes mistakes... u will not be given a second chance.... remember u r 1 among the crowd to become a manager... IT IS SURIVAL OF THE FITTEST....

Hope u take this in the best interest for u.... if u wan to prove me rong lets fight it out dude...

putting Forager's words in softer tones... the question was really offensive for us.. as we use the thread for that reason... to tell what is Life here? THe problem seem to be solved as someone has created a thread.... hope u do not misinterpret my friend's words... they were for ur good only.

well. well... a thousand queries with same answer.... check the forum first and then put up query for something which is not told beforehand.... and i had mentioned that this is not a place for GD/PI of u can make a new thread and put a link here

hi it was realy nice to see the thread on iba
i liked the coll very much
but have got comments from ppl telling
that its not acreditated and stuff
plz gimme ur valuable comments abt the coll
i am engineering students who will be finishin garduation this may
and some key points to keep in mind for my gd and pi round...

Well, College is not accredited is right.... but recent news is that NKC has aked to scrap off AICTE due to its weak policies....

Now, college is pretty good. Life is awesome , workload is high but achieveable and placements are pretty decent in comparison to many other B-schools which started with IBA chronologically.

GD/PI should be taken with full confidence and 0.1 nanogram of tension and you will flourish. Just keep smiling and maintain eye contact ... as these are true test of character in a GD or PI
AOL >>> The "out-of-IBA" experience

IBA is a green campus situated at the outskirts of Bangalore. Due to this, it happened to be a place close to the great AOL Ashram of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Since the day I have came to IBA campus, I have seen many students (generally in couples! :P) going to AOL for just a timepass trip. It is a general trend in IBA to visit AOL nearly every few days, a trend which I cannot really understand as the place is same, has a similar yet bigger collection of grass & trees to IBA. Now, lets start the story about the AOL 3-day course.

It was the night of 18th December 2007. The air was cool (and cold for most people) and flowing steadily. Good number of IBAians 07-09 batch students was in IT Lab, doing Assignments for record and simultaneous chatting, orkutting and the new business in IBA, FACEBOOKING. Some couples were strolling around in campus while some were idling on Omega circle. All of them discussing the workload (all sorts) for the rest of the week. Then, from a room on the first floor of Admin Block, someone called the CEO, IBA shot a mail across the network via Outlook titled AOL Program from 19th Dec and the scene changed dramatically. The news about the long delayed AOL program spread like fire. Most of the students, who were lost in the deep misery of submissions, were revived by the news.

The next evening, all the first-years were standing near the Admin Block looking out for their friends and thinking about what is going to come up next. And within next hour and half, all are at the reception counter of AOL. The place of sanctity & peace becomes a Fish Market. The reason was that the people were to stay in groups of 4 and all wanted to stay with their so-called best buddies. Gangs of IBA sent their best man to stand and get the rooms and all other members were patrolling his/her position in the Queue. Among these Sunsilk Gangs and Bands of Boys were some minions who belonged to no specific groups hence, were trying to get inside some other groups. But, watching all this was pure fun. The best part was when the officials declared that there are only few rooms with a 4-people system and other rooms left were of 3 member system which led to rise of newer gangs. Also, just beside this line, those who had got registered were being photographed for records, where people were giving oddest of all expressions time-to-time.

After registering and entering the rooms, we were greeted by few more elements of surprise. The rooms were a beauty and had all the amenities. And believe me, once you start to live in a hostel, you find such places like palaces. But, there was also a bad element of surprise which was that we were supposed to get up at 5:30 next morning to attend the first session at 6:30 am and a delay will cause a hole in the wallet of size Rs. 100! But, at last we were inside AOL.

Morning, the session was really a eye-closure yet, we gave respect to the elder person who had come for teaching us the basic YOGA methods. Later that day, we first time came in direct contact with a typical AOL instructor Mr. Bawa. He was a neo-guru with a great running business and long hair tied in ponytail. He instructed us for long hours about life and methods to tackle problems. It was really a learning session for those who had lived their lives without giving it a seconds thought.

Similar sessions were conducted over next two days too. Following were the salient features of the course:

1. The place was a perfect change of lane from the fast and stressful pace of MBA life.
2. We had nice sleep for 3 days
3. Couples got greater scope for being with each other in & out of sessions.
4. We learnt an important lesson that If something is supposed to happen, then, it will surely do anyhow I got a concrete proof of this in few days only.
5. Remember that enjoy every moment you spend in AOL as they make together an unforgettable experience. So SO-HUM!!! (take a deep breath in.. and breath out!)

Next: Clubs & Committees in IBA and their special place in Life @ IBA
tarunceo Says
i have a query that i got only 69 pecentile in CAT and 96 in CART by retail association of india ,so can anyone guide me which course should i choose to fill either general MBA or retail one plz help me guys.

1. PGPM & PGPRM both are good courses. I am a PGPRM student and let me clarify that the course & field both are in nascent stage. We as the first batch have faced a few problems but i can say that you will not face the same problems. Also, being the first batch, placement scenario is still not clear. But, i can assure that the place and field both are here to stay and this course can help u in longer run. But, the RETAIL sector is no easy world to be in.... highest workload is on hoildays and weekends and u have toil for hours and even become dirty... so if u r ready for that then jump in this course.

2. Please remember to post ur admission related queries in the other thread. PLEASE
According to the discussions the life seems to cool and rocking... But I want to know some info abt the internship that they provide and the final placement....



Placements happen very well ..... this yr it has been better. Interns, well, companies come to campus for the interns but most of us tend to find on our own. But ya there are quite a few companies coming for interns this yr too. Overall, 2007-08 has been a good haul for IBA placements!