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Hi i am joining PGDITM nitie this year....was wondering ...abt ITIL certification thing and googleing it here and there..but culdnt zero don on the exact registration and study process....can someone who has given the exam help me....orif someone cna guide me useful the exam case my goals are project management and stuff

sriharsha711 Says
Got in finally!! had a score of 100.14.. Totally confused btwn NMIMS and SIBM.. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hi though i made it to sibm-p and not joining it but wuld like to help u with ur query...
If i would have been in ur place..i think SIBM-P ..cause of the culture they ahve ..student oreinted thing..
state of the art campus i just fell in love with it when i visited it ...
Student strength is in the number of students....

best of luck..
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hi seniors,

How much difference does bulk deals make in for laptops of 45K price ..and for laptops of 30 K price etc
I asked it but ,i guess it got lost in the thread.if you could just give an idea..looking at the past trends..

Hi seniors much difference does a bulk deal make ...
and say i want a dell inspiron.35k market price..wht aprrox can i get in a bulk deal
and same for i want a dell studio 50 K ..wht can its price turn into
I know ..none can predict..but if u culd just give an idea,,.looking at past trnds..

12 th may the last date for fee submission


HI wl-41 gt confirmed today ..! yipee..but probably will be joing NITIE..! so wl moves by 1 more i guess

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got through IMI ...wuld be joining NITIE though would help the candidats waitlisted

Hi Seniors ,

I have made it to PGDITM as i applied to the same course and want to specialize in IT management only after my 2yrs of wrk ex in the same sector. I had a question regarding the placements that do companies of systems/IT sector differentiate between PGDIM,PGDITM or both stand the same chance ? . Just extending my question..are the other sector companies also available to PGDITM or we are eligible only for systems/IT(which if no is also quite logical)..? It wil be great if we could come to know placement stats for PGDITM alone also..


CAT percentile:98.82
Workex:17 months TCS
X, XII and Grad marks: 92.2,79,79
GD : Excellent.
PI : Good
Joining: Yes come what may

jmet rank 551
great gd ...nice PI

work ex 17 months

wonder why din i make it :(

and why cant they declare ranks that we come to know the status

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