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Dear All,

Congratulations to all the converts! I am a student of SCMHRD batch 2010-12.
I write this to share my experience as a student applying to SCMHRD

My Profile:
1. Xth 92% dav Rourkela
2. XIIth 67% BJB Bhubaneshwar
3. An year gap for preperation
4. B.E. Biomedical Instrumentation from not very known college avinashilingam coimbatore with 90%
5 2008 graduate but no work ex as due to recession wipro had not given a call but joined in 2009 sept currently have 11months work ex (7 months wipro + rest at T.I.M.E as Quant DI Faculty)

1. In 2009 I applied for SCMHRD- With the profile i felt my GD and PI was decent in fact good. I thought that I will get a call but i didnt. I went around talking about it to all my friends that the college does not do justice to students etc.

2. in 2010 I again applied for the same. I had calls from XLRI, XIMB, NMIMS, IMT etc. I got thru SCMHRD and other colleges too apart from XLRI. I chose SCMHRD.

After joining the college and taking up HR as my specialization, I could reflect on my performance for both the years. In year 1 I was very enthusiastic but lacked few aspects which was required to go ahead with the course, Year 2 i did develop those qualitites owing to my exposure to various platforms which helped me gain the seat.

Now performance varies every day. A student must have not performed excellent in college X but would have in college Y. Its not constant. Had I joined SCMHRD in 2009, with the rigor and effort required in year 1 I would have surely fared bad. But by 2010 i was well conditioned and had developed myself to handle any kind of stress including failures.

In managerial life there will be conflicts and failures, its the attitude that will define a good manager. Be optimistic, if it did not happen it doesnt mean we are bad, it means we have few aspects to improve upon. If anyone wants to discuss about my experience can pm me.

Batch 2010-12

shilpa.jhamb Says
guys, better check up wid the admin reg the movement than make allegations on the college..i know its frustrating but there maybe a reason..not defending NM but MQ process is pretty streamlined here..

hello mam,
I have seen u helping around with all doubts, as the admin people are not responding or do not take the responsibility to answer our queries and i staying far from mumbai request you to please get us information from admin about what is the status and how the movement would be. it would be of great help.
thank u
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Seniors please clarify,
My rank is 485 and waitlisted for core and banking. eventhough chances are bleak i would like to know whether the waitlisted people have to wait for the next list to come or is it prudent to apply for management quota.If i wait for waitlist to move then when can i expect my call?
Please reply.

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I have a query for the seniors..
Its said the fees is going to increase for NM to 10 lakhs excluding hostel and mess.
Hostel fees is 1.35 lakhs per annum for girls
and mess extra charges . so it might sum up to 13-14 lakhs.
It is also said that the buildings are under renovation so currently there is infrastructure issue.
If this the case is it a prudent decision to take up the course. If yes could you please elaborate the summer placements and final placement scenario such that we can be assured to invest the same ( It is not that I am not interested for the course, but would like to know is it worth investing)

I am sorry if its a wrong post. But would surely expect a reply.

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please check my result and let me know
dob: 23 mar 1986

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i am IN too ...yippieee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i am doomed

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6th december
2nd slot
t-block jayanagar

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va - 31 ( 10c 9 w) accuracy ki vaat lagi padi hai
qa-46(12c 2 w)
di-31(8c 1 w)
oa-108(30 c 12 w)

so only if i improve my verbal accuracy i cant dream of IIM ... now how to improve it??:banghead:

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A very good evening!!
Hey we are missing out on one thing this year. We are not having any city meets.
Believe me, these meets are very imporatant part of preparation, and not only a meers gossip in a cafe.

We can meet people and share our need to get motivated.

Well I feel its high time we shoulg g for a PG's day out. I really donno whether we are already having some.

But if not, lets come up with some dates.

What do you people say???


we had a meet at ccd btm ...but hardly people turned up... it is sometimes difficult to judge the seriousness from the forum... so if people have real interest and are really seeking for a grp to study then plz post ur interest and area which would be convinient..
let us have areas as
1. btm
2. indiranagar
please post the suitable time and area... please make sure that u are present at right venue at specified time. if u are sure then only post it... we can have a meet and gear up.. coz its high time and people still in discussion phase...
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