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i have info on oriental bank of comm. it gives loans on 10% S.I 4 1st 2 years & once we start earning it gets compounded. also theres rebate 1% if we pay int. in the 2 years of edu. ne ways see u at nim.


post ur reply on this thread:


as far as laptops are concerned make sure that you get 512 MB RAM or else within a few months ur lappy will be damn slow. have heard that GIM is offering its students R52 (IBM/Lenovo) with 512 MB RAM @ 44k. so try and get a good deal, negotiations might deprive u of a laptop for sometime but dont budge till u get a satisfactory deal.


canon s2is

the definitive n digi cam for amateurs

a 12x optical coupled with a 4x digital gives you effectively 48x zoom.

5 megapixels, dont make ur photos too large to send over email, and a awesome shutter-aperture combo, along with choicest shooting options, puts it next only to the digital slrs.

Go get it, I got mine 20 days back.


hey varun...can u throw some light on the price of the model u bought and what abt the memory stick/card??
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hey maddevil,
hows the cricket team, any room for a left hand opening bat?

is there a pool/snooker table on campus (i know its a longshot but what the hell!)

are we allowed to watch matches that are invariably late in the night? wouldnt wanna miss out on the world cup or champions league.
any barcelona fans?

hi holycrap,
we have a strong cricket team with a good batting lineup....well if u have the talent and if u can fit in then sure we would love have a left handed batsman (i guess we dont have a left handed batsman in our team right now)
pool and snooker not possible to have atleast till u pass out
dont worry abt the matches we do watch champions league matches late in the night and we are pretty confident that we wont miss the world cup as well.....i will be cheering for barcelona for this yrs champions league

(dint mentiona IIM visitin nirma,coz they knocked devil's team down :satisfie: )

thats because i didnt play in that match
hi juniors, this is Dhaval (aka Devil) here. i am a member of the sportzcom at nirma any queries related to sports or in general u can feel free to ask me.

most welcome dear!!!
n congo for "mica". it's one of the very few colleges having gr8 brand name !! work hard n njoy ur life at mica.if u need any help in ahmedabad. give me a call.
waise hope to meet u during MICA vs NIRMA monsoon sports meet :2gunfire: n during cult fest too

Nikhil sir please can u tell us more abt the monsoon sports meet..we are too eager to participate...hope u will let us participate.
ya Mr.ManU , n seniors @HR :splat: will never like a junior callin them by their names (n nick names......... remember pappu??? :angel: )
n thats the reason u better understand n norms before u join n gang. :sneaky:

one more thing, just like juniors......... there r many seniors(including gals(mams)) from mumbai , so if u want to have some good "interaction" :2gunfire: before joinin nirma...... we can arrange a "separate mumbai meet" :popcorn: for u.

p.s. : HR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >> marketing,fin,IT,Op :oops:

got it SIR i will never again call u nikhil SIR...btw SIR are u sure that the other specialisation are better than HR at NIM??
Mohit7u Says
And what abt 99.95%ile thing don't you think you r too smart to join NIM ?

it was now or never for me so joined NIM since it was my first convert
Mohit7u Says
Hey Ankit u do not sound like junior. As none yet addressed nikhil sir as nikhil. Tell me am i right or wrong ?

hey thanks i know the reason y they are after my life...sorry SIR plz forgive me...i will call u seniors SIR from now on without mentioning ur names
Mohit7u Says
Hey i stay at Andheri. Can you tell me whats happening out thr ? Anyway good to have a Man U fan thr but sadly our team has no match this week. will have to see che V/s Liverpool battle.

dunno y seniors are trying to bully me...plz nikhil tell me hows HR at NIM?? heard its better than marketing is it true??