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Dear Puys, Here are the links to all the posts made by me during the competition in ONE PLACE. The avatar is hand sketched for the competition :cheers: :mg: Share if you like, and even better vote/camapaign for JHANDU KUMAR :cheers: \-------------------------- JOURNEY SO FAR--...
Well Well Well!!

This time, the venue has a microbrewery as its neighbour, infact is in the same premises.
Insane puys + Beer = More fun!
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  • Daaru et al is not allowed within AIPGM premises. You are.... 02 May '13.
  • i guess beer is not allowed at AIPGM :grin:. 01 May '13.
Bites > Inspired from those mosquitoes who were sucking our blood all night long!

Anyways, one person is strangely missing from FB and this thread is that poor 'french beard' victim who was always mistaken to be a Mafia and eliminated in the initial rounds itself!

Does anyone remember his name or pg_id?

Whattey fun, @AIPGM, Pune!! Excellent planning by the PGHQ and the venue was just perfect!

Water park, Rain dance, Wave pool, trying to make a human pyramid just to compete with some random group, Flash Mob by PGHQ, Inspiring speeches by OMPA, Live gig, Mafia and card sessions till daybreak...:cheerio:

Met many folks of whom I had just heard/read on PG. Day 1 stretched till almost 5am and a lesson pretty much confirmed: That i suck at playing cards!

Hope to see you all again, and cheers!!
Ok.. Let me ask one more...

X was initially named as Inquillab as his father, a renowned figure in India, was impressed by the freedom struggle of India.

X has lent his voice for an Oscar winning movie once, and also has been awarded Honorary Doctorate by five different Universities in the World, one of them being the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Identify X.

X=Amitabh Bachchan?
Can someone please tell me about the refund policy.That is how much money i ll lose if i cancel before june 4 and after june 4.Also what is the procedure for cancellation.
Please reply.

If you cancel your admission before the start if the Academic session, then you would forfeit total of INR 31k (30k for the pre-induction kit+1k).
For more details, please refer to the link given below:
Admissions : Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT)
Thanxx guyz...:):)

one more thng...for the migration certificate...
can i submit a scanned copy of the receipt of havin applied for it???

Certainly, this shall be fine. You will get enough time to procure the migration certificate from your Univ.
heyy guyzz....
can ne1 tel me whether we can cubmit the fee in person on a sunday???

The Accounts dept. is closed on Sundays. Come on weekdays between 10a till 5p.
hey seniors one query..
how much will b d 1st installment.. (aprox.)
n how much will b refunded if i wanna withdrawn my admission after few months .. ovsly b4 commencement of d course..
lyk if i get in 1st list.. n i pay d fee in march n den if i wanna cancel my admission in june.. how much will b refunded from d fee payed??
thanks in adv.. ;)

During the 2011 process, we had to pay ~1.8 lakh as the first installment in March. And cancellation before the commencement of classes had the insitute deducting INR 1000 and refunding the rest of the amount.
Nikhil Motlag
SCIT Class Of '13 | Admissions Team
Admission Helpline Numbers: 9657493739 / 9890990272 / 8806507100 / 8793435799