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illtutmish Says
Lat year they wanted 86% from engineers and 87 from those who have done engg in me it is very difficult to get such high marks. moreover this year it seems it will 85% for engineers... there is a problem here......some colleges just multiply the cgpa with if u have 9.0 u get 90% whereas many boards deduct .75 to calculate the percentage ie if u have 9.0 u will get 82.5%...... and acc to S criteria that person will not get selected.....this is sumthing that iims shud change...just sumthing that i feel personally.... cos people have to score 9.5 cgpa in some boards to get a call where the highest maybe 9.5....


Every IIM has a separate criteria for selection and before deciding upon the criteria a lot of research is done by concerned authorities. Nobody is saying those who missed on some criteria are not good, just that so many people are applying for limited seats, some criteria has to be set to get the required number of candidates.
4th & 7th STD scholarships-28th in Pune.
10th-91.73%-20th in Pune merit list
12-91.67%-Missed merit list by 1 mark.
SE-72%(3rd in Pune University)
TE-79%(4th in Pune University)
BE-79%(7th in Pune University)
What else do they need?

No doubt your acads are good, but most probably you missed out on grad score. Hard luck.

All the best for other calls.
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Still not called!!!!!I mean once I enter my info & click,it says wrong entry or data doesn't match.

What does that mean?
Are they still uploading the list?

My acads are decent
Pls reply

All results are uploaded. Kindly post your acads.
NO CALLL .. I was expecting one.

@Childprodigy I believe last year you were selected with exactly the same academic record as mine.Even my percentile is very similar.


Grad: 79.2 in B.Com(H)

CAT2011 :92.72
QA- 96.35

Can you please tell me the reason for not being shortlisted. Hugely disappointed. :-(


The selection cutoffs this year are not exactly the same as last year, based of the pool of people who clear the basic cutoff criteria a merit list is created and then according to the number of calls to be given a cutoff for overall CAT score is calculated, on the basis of which calls are given.
Hope this helps.

Second term for us got over today, and now we have a winter break. Shillong celebrates Christmas more than any other festival; only the streets of Shillong can do justice to describing Christmas celebration here, a visit to Police Bazaar and you ll realize this is probably the best Christmas celebration in India and since last two days a senior is playing Christmas Carols in our Hostels to add to the feel. : :

Amidst all this celebration many of us left for home today (others leaving tomorrow); after six months, the longest period away from home for many of us, but what matters more is with what feeling we are leaving. We are happy about going home but we are sad to leave this home, we are looking forward to meeting our family back home, but we are reluctant to leave this family we have made here in last six months.

I know we are going for a short period and I shouldnt make it more dramatic (got a bit emotional, just came after bidding bye to some very good friends ). I am leaving tomorrow late night and for tomorrow morning we have planned to go to David Scotts Trail, its a 16 KM trek, a walk with the Nature. Just like my status reads- Into the wild!! :)

And for tonight: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:

December 14, 2011.

question for the day.

Which laptop or computer you use in your daily life? e.g. facebooking, PGing, etc etc. :D
you may want to tell some thing more than a one line answer :D
when did you buy it, what specs, is it really yours etc etc

this is apart from the usual feelings based questions posted here

we should be a bit materialistic after all. :biggrin:

Have a 5 year old lenovo y series laptop..

Its a intel dual core with 120 Gb harddisk and 3GB ram..

A few keys have stopped working (unfortunately most of the vowels dont work) so i have to use an external keyboard.. The battery wont last for more than half an hour without power supply and a bit more issues.. but still i am most comfortable with my laptop only and thats why i am not ready to let go of it..

I am sure many puys who are using old laptops would understand this emotion..
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Question for the day
If your life was a novel, what would its title be?


"Cycle with your legs, talk from your heart, earn with your brains: A sustainable Human Model"
This is what MBA does to you, you look for models in everything..
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When will IITs start accepting applications???

Any Idea....

Generally they start from last week of December and accept applications till end of Jan. Should be the same this year also..
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Placed an order for two old classics on Delhi (Out of print) from USA. I aim to have at least 500 classics in hardbacks/paperbacks in my inventory:

Indian Summer: Lutyens, Baker and Imperial Delhi: Irving: Books

and.. Splendours of the Raj: British Architecture in India, 1660-1947 (9780719541155): Philip Davies: Books

Khushwant Singh's 'Delhi- The Novel' also gives a good description of Delhi and also has Khushwant Singh's humor, acid wit and exotic descriptions of his encounters with women and monuments.

Its a good one for collection...
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Today's Question: 09/12/2011

Given a choice, What would you want to have:
Super strength or Super intelligence?

P.S. Please!! choose only one option and also state the reason of your choice.

Super Strength(Power).. So that I dont get to see the day when some Sonia Gandhi makes me dance like a puppet even after my having super Intelligence.. :nono: :nono:
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