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Well for those of you who still haven't heard of 'The Ribandar Talks', let me tell you a bit about it.
'The Ribandar Talks' is a lecture series at GIM where we get eminent speakers to give a talk on the different fields that they are in, be it retail, budget, financial sector, M&A;, fashion, etc. We try to organise as many sessions as we can fit into our extremely hectic schedule

It's great interacting with people who have achieved great heights in their chosen profession or interests.

This forum also helps the speakers to be exposed to questions from fresh minds of the student community, opening them to the diverse perspectives.

We have received tremendous support for this initiative from the speakers
pwe have invited so far.
Some of the speakers who have visited are:
Dr. Kiran Bedi
Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman, Godrej & Boyce
Mr. Sudev Das, Executive Director, SEBI
Mr. Shravan Shroff, CEO, Shringar Films Corporatisation
Mr. Alan Durante, Director, Mahindra & Mahindra,
Dr. Arindam Das Gupta, World-renowned tax policy expert
Mr. Wendell Rodricks, fashion designer

We have many more speakers in the pipeline, looking forward to trying to get all of them to come here to GIM.

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SO that means between the 15th n 20th June... nothing much is done except getting to know one another.. No work or assignments rite??

Hey I've lost track of the google group. Could yuo please give me the link to it.

Also I wanted to know.. Between the 15th to 20th June do we have to stay in the hostel. How do we get to pick our roomies. Are first years entitled to single rooms?

Has anyone received the letters as yet.
Mine has still not come.

Rahul should I call Jennifer and ask her about the same.

I'm on the waiting list but I ahven't received my letter as yet. But I'm assuming that even the people on the waiting list have to pay the deposit.. is that correct?

What if we do not receive the letter soon? what should be the next step of action?

I was under the assumption that we would know where we ranked on receiving the letters but after reading the above..I guess it's just another wait.