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hey seniors, is Bangalore Management Academy different from BIM, b'lore?? atleast i found there websites to be different

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MICA has called for applicants for PGPCME for the year 2008 .. anybody from pg who has joined it ?? if YES, could you please give me the details about how much the course is worth, about the placements, abt where the classes will be held ( i guess for the previous batch clases were not held in campus)..

@ amit- hey amit even I'm not joining ICFAI, mumbai, even though i didnt have any other calls . after lots of introspection i decided i will give CAT another shot.
Could you please tell me how you went about giving the complaint. Whats the procedure ?

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IIMs also out with the results .. and we TISS aspirants have to patiently count the days out till 15th May .. i hope its worth the wait .. sigh!!! :neutral:

3600 calls for 60 seats
who told u
dont tell undisclosed sources dear:)

its true, per day almost 240 people , the GD pi was held on 15 days .. so almost 3600 people ..
Reached the TISS campus at around 7:15 am. It's a beautiful campus; totally green has a rustic feel to it. . Mine was the 8:15 batch, but the process started at 9:00. All of us were taken to a conference hall and made to sign the attendance; the batch for GD was divided based on that. Then there was small ppt by the present TISS students with QA session.
After sometime a faculty came and called out the batch numbers. We were led off to another building for our GD. my batch of GD had 8 of us. And the GD panel had two women on it. Two GD topics were given; we had to pick either one of them, 25 mins for the GD including picking of the topic
The topic were - The bpo revolution and its detrimental impact on the society or Religion is a private affair
We picked the first topic on BPO, it was very peaceful GD overall..
After that were taken to another campus of TISS, where the PI took place.. . On a notice board names were already put panel wise
There were totally 6 panels and mine was in panel 3- two women one and one sir who was psychologist who went on staring and staring .:-)
I entered, wished everyone; my interview lasted for abot 25 min,
They asked me tell me tell me something about yourself ??
How do you measure economy ??
Tibet- China problem, how would I solve it ?? India stand on it ??
About the sub prime crisis in USA??
Then about my work related( I'm a civil engineer NOT into construction)
Leadership qualities ( had written abt in the DAF), one incident where I demonstrated leadership qualities ..
Hobbies- I said reading
I was asked to tell them abt the latest book I've read..
Gave me a case study- my boss sets me an impossible deadline, how do I deal with it ??
what was today headline ??
Why should they select me ?? what edge do I have on others ??
Why not MBa ?? why HRM ?? why not social entrepreneurship??
Lady 1 was nonstop going on yawning, in fact as soon as I entered she started yawning, and she was cock eyed, so you would get confused whether she is looking at you or somewhere else ... L2 had had a typical Bengali accent .. The sir asked only one question Pros and Cons of being a leader .. This is what my interview was all about... it lasted for 25 min.. Overall it went on very good...:grin:
If you don't know something say you don't know, avoid beating around the bush!! Above all be- confident!!
Came out had a very good lunch, the entire process for most of the batches got over by 3:00, except for the 11:45 batch which went on till about 6:45
Also all those people who have not submitted their DAF don't worry u can submit it on the same day and those who are worried that their DAF has reached or not can get it confirmed just before the PI , in case its not reached you can fill up another DAF
Overall a very effectively managed process, well organized, people there are very helpful.any more queries feel free to message me!!!

Good luck folks!!!!
also guys plz let us noe hw much time d whole process takes as in hours
so that out station students can make travels plans accordin 2 it
my date is on apr 7th at 9.45 am
so if smbody has on d same date n finished der GD/PI den plz share d infos

hey dileep, use PGconnect . you'll know whose GD/PI is with you .
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The DAF shud be sent thru mail or shud it b handed over in person
plz smbody give a light on this issue
nobody piks d fone der and another line says plz call after 8 pm

plz help in dis matter

HI DILEEP, it has to be given atleast a day before your GD and PI, if you reach mumbai a day before your gd and pi you can give it by hand. when is you GD date ??
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hey guys, its clearly mentioned in the call letter that the DAF has to be sent atleast one day before the interview.. please dont panic .. neither on the website nor anywhere in the call letter has it been mentioned that it has to reach by 25th (ya though its there in the brochure, maybe its been revised now )

and my slot is on 7th april-8:15 am