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Second answer i.e. Denied is correct

But first one is absolutely wrong
sorry it is 100% wrong, You missed the opportunity to score full marks here
As testify means--- to make a statement that something happened or that something is true, especially as a witness in court
and declaim means to speak forcefully or loudly especially in public.
As one of the option is speak forcefully, it should be chosen as correct answer.
Remember --- i asked You to give closest meaning
I told you to give exact replacement because words here are very close, they may sound same.

I hope You will pay more attention next time.

Answers to nishant's questions are
1 sesquipedalian
2 quondam syn prior
3 harangue
synonym diatribe , rant( but it is more of a complaint or protest type)

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She wished to prove that she was Anstasia, though, and returned to Germany in 1932 to bring suit against her mothers family.There she declaimed to the court, asserting that she was indeed Anastasia and deserved her inheritance.

question In court she ___ maintaining that she was Anastasia and deserved her inheritance.

a finally appeared
b clarified
c spoke forcefully
d testified
e justified
f declared

In 1921, almost thirty months after the Czars execution, this petrified young woman was rescued from drowning in a Thames river. She spent two years in a hospital .The doctors and nurses thought that she resembled Anastasia and questioned her about her background. She disclaimed any connection with the Czars family.

question she____any connection with the Czars family.
a denied
b stopped
c noted
d justified
e answer not stated
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Gochyaa !!!!!

Here is the trap. We memorize the new and old, rare words, words for particular situations, words difficult to pronounce. But how often do we dissect the simple words to a discerning level.

What I mean is, CAT is an aptitude test where they will test you the familiarity of a word among different words. They will try to see if u have the ability to select the right word for the usage, just like a businessman who have to choose right field , right direction, right employee for the right job among many candidates or alternatives just like an good enterprenure .

The point is even if you don't know the exact meaning of word you should look to passage and try to infer its meaning by logical argument and reasoning. even if u have to become socrate or plato for that matter then be one.

The question I gave had many words with similar meanings that some of you might have got confused, but those who either know the exact meaning, or someone with good usage of words can easily tackle the question.

But what happens to those who know the meaning but are not sure of its exact meaning and its usage.
If you belong to this category ( as most of us do belong to at some or other question) then here is the remedy

Read the para as if u ar a member from Scotland yard, start thinking analytically and you will get the answer

This leads to another question that sometimes we have many arguments favouring different options and it becomes all too difficult to select the right one and in the mean time our mind splits into many parts and each one starts a GD giving their own argument when in fact we still have a far distance to go for GD.

Answer to this annoying and time consuming problem are many.
practise so much that you encounter lesser of this types
even if you encounter with one in exam after all the hard work ( not at exam center but before exam) , then its better to leave the question as early as possible since it will be a waste of time.
only adept at making quick decisions

Meanwhile answer to questions are
1 annoyed
2 dejectedly

and logical argument for the 1st one is ---- she became disgruntled ( u can answer now if u know the word correctly}
if not ,then u can ans from this ----- she defiantly left Poland and in 1891 entered the Sorbonne ---- this means she was not hopeless, not too depressed ( as she had not gone into shell) and certainly not worried ( as nothing in para shows that she was worried) but was annoyed with the university .

for 2nd

cuz as nothing in the para shows she was Worried ( worried about what -- jo hona thaa wo toh ho gaya ,abb kis baat key liye worry
Tearfully ---- arrey bhai ro rahi hai kya ye?
d Happily ---- koi pagal ya muderer hee kush hoyegaa
e Sorrowfully -- little confusing but u have to rely on knowledge here.

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here is one more

.....Jenny was stunned by this horrible misfortune and endured heart breaking anguish. Despondently she recalled their close relationship and the joy that they had shared in scientific research. The fact that she had two young daughters to raise by herself greatly increased her distress
____she remembered their joy together.
a Dejectedly
b Worried
c Tearfully

d Happily

e Sorrowfully

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This I think is a typical CAT like question from RC , where students get confused because all words look almost same in meaning.

She became disgruntled, however, when she learned that the university in Warsaw was closed to women.Determined to receive a higher education, she defiantly left Poland and in 1891 entered the Sorbonne.
Question When she learned that she could not attend the university in Warsaw, she felt___.
a hopeless
b annoyed
c depressed
d worried
e none of the above

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Barring me all of you will go to tehar jail under INDIAN PENAL CODE. (Act 45 of 1860) for spreading rumors.

Don't worry Arjun Singh will do something for your admission by making
20% reservation for prisoners in IIMs and IITs. as prisoners will outstrip gen candidates. He will also try to convince MPs to give right to vote to prisoners.

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Due to heavy losses suffered by ICC, it has offered a wild card entry to Team INDIA in the world cup 2007 super 8 and now super 8 will turn into super 9. But this wild card will come at its own expense i.e. $2 billion .Its upon BCCI to accept the invitation or not.

Meanwhile will act as sponsor in case BCCI does decide to take wild card to make an entry into world cup.

Taking lessons from this world cup that india is baap of financial resource but fusaadi at cricket ground, in these big events some comfort will be provided to indian team in the future world cups. Some among them are listed below.

1) Every Indian batsmen will get extra batting in each match.
2) 150 extra runs can be taken against Australia and Bangladesh and
against the rest we can have 100 runs, at our own wish in addition to
our score
3 There will be no toss in india's game, only Indian captain will decide
after playing 3- 4 over on the pitch, whether to bat or field.
4 we can import few players from australian team if the match is against tough opponents
5 LBW and stump outs will not not be valid during india's batting and in case bowlers forget the above rule and appeals for out, opposition team will be penalized 20 more runs, the same maybe added to Indian team total.
6 You cannot bowl more then 1 ball at stumps otherwise it will be no ball
7 Indian team will get 2 days of 40 and 90 overs for their batting while team playing against it will get their usual 50 overs for their batting.

Believe me, all this is true and is not a rumor.

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sabke profile ke beech me kuch khel bhi ho jaye....
to ye rha

1. --R--U--
meaning : about to die.

2. ---T---
meaning : A person who receives support from an influential person who furthers their career.

3. --I---N---T--
meaning : belonging to one's peculiar and individual character.

1 MORIBUND USAGE-Pakistani movie stars urge government to revive moribund film industry
2 PROTEGE USAGE-Protege Program to help students
3 IDIOSYNCRATIC USAGE-idiosyncratic views
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nishant_rungta Says
hey junoon bhai... kudos to u..:bigups: i always had this in mind to share our profiles wid one another and get to know each other deeply... i thanks to u all.. awaiting ur coveted rejoinders..

I don't see any reason as to why we should be more interactive and that to by posting profiles in a thread that is specifically meant for vocab.
Regarding your query about words usage in B school , take this thread as a long term use not more than the mere sake of being a showy pony in ur college.

But since already two of u have agreed and expecting some more.i will go against my wishes and post a profile.

Name- Sandeep Kumar (Gen)graduate from DU.
Average student in academics
cat - 2006 slogged a lot but became complacent near the last 2 month & paid for it.
Aspirations for cat 2007- not sure cuz i have to take addmission this year only.
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This is a fictitious story in which i have tried to put some word. Hope u may like it.

The Tour of West Indies was a dream come true for me. But did it really proved out to be one ? Let's check it out.
Before D_ _ _M_A_K_N_ ON (to leave) the Anguilla island, I tried to search F_T_L_L_ (pointlesly) for the picturesque and S_R_N_ (calm and peaceful) island in my yacht. But was greeted only with wild R_V_N_S (a deep and narrow valley with steep sides) of the S_M_R_ (drab) mountains, which i could have seen even in my own country, and to the top of that , god had its own wishes. He wanted us see the dismal performance of Indian team against Bangladesh (please don't call it minnow as Indian team wrongly did) . As the day went past, I, with my comrade tried to clinch victory over the small mountain . We _L_M_E_E_ UP (to climb or move with difficulty or a lot of effort) the rock to the flat top and gazed the blue sea, which stretched before us as a dazzling white plain criss crossed by _ _M_O_K_ (a small hill or pile of earth) and small blue water bodies.

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